atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1662: Service?

From the "It really isn't anyone's fault" department:

Last week, fiancee had car accident. Another driver made a mistake and tried to occupy the same piece of road as her. It wasn't my S.O.'s fault, so she dropped the car off at a repair facility to have it fixed on the other driver's insurance.

Being carless, my fiancee needed a ride, so I picked her up. On the way to my house from there she said, "Let's get ice cream!" So I pulled into the Cone Cottage and we went up to the window to place our order.

We gave our order and money...and the girl behind the counter had some kind of seizure and collapsed.

My fiancee got her ice cream cone right away because one of the other workers had been pulling it when the first girl collapsed, but I ended up having to wait until the ambulance got there for my ice cream cone.

I am not begrudging them this. I understand they were contending with a medical emergency and believe me I prefer that they take care of someone who hits the floor first, before getting me my ice cream. Another person's life/health/well-being comes before my ice cream cone; this is just and proper.

But still, I gotta say, WTF.

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