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#1663: How about "release the birth certificate"?

Flipping through the Chicago Sun-Times today I saw an opinion piece--I think it was opinion, anyway; who can tell these days?--with the headline "Dems Need Strategy For Dealing with Birthers".

The strategy of "Obama releases his long-form birth certificate" seems too simple for Democrats to grasp. That single masterstroke would completely vaporize any and all complaints made by the "birthers".

Some libs are now saying that the existence of "birthers" means the GOP is coming unglued. I wonder if these people know about the existence of 9/11 "truthers", who insist that a panoply of crazy conspiracies are the "truth" of 9/11.

For anyone who doesn't already know, the official policy of the Fungus on Obama's citizenship: it's 99.9% certain that Obama is a full and legal citizen of the United States. It is also 99.9% certian that there is something on the long form birth certificate that Obama doesn't want us to know...and that's why I want the long form released: this doofus campaigned on transparency and right now his administration is about as transparent as a solid light year of neutronium.

* * *

As for the "truthers", there is some serious moonbattery going on over this stuff, and it only gets worse (read: "more entertaining") as time goes by.

Brian Dunbar links to some seriously nutty stuff: "a blog about the Tesla weapon that destroyed the World Trade Center."


As proof that the WTC "did not collapse" she posts a picture of one of the towers collapsing. This is incredibly dense stupidity right here.

...we were unable to "collect the pieces of the plane" because the airplane had a freaking building fall on it. Jesus.

* * *

So: Obama campaigned on transparency, and right now his administration is about as transparent as any blog post by Dr. Judy Wood.

...and I'd like to know what she's a "doctor" of? She claims to be a scientist, but what kind of scientist thinks that some huge conspiracy used a gigantic space weapon to destroy the WTC based on the shape of the debris cloud?

* * *

So: 3.2.0 went live yesterday. Amaleni made a beeline for the place where you get a gryphon. Wa-hoo.

I wasn't expecting 3.2.0 to go live so soon; I thought it'd be months.

So Amaleni now has all of 2 gold to her name, but she's got a nifty flying mount.

* * *

Michelle Malkin on liberals and Democrats who are upset that Conservatives are protesting Obamacare.
Some panicked congressional targets of the Tea Party movement have responded by shutting their offices, closing their blinds, and shooing pesky constituents off public property. The White House health czar’s office is mustering up Internet snitches to report “inaccurate” blog posts and “casual conversations” from health care opponents. And liberal bloggers and cable yakkers are waging their own war on the Tea Party movement by redefining participatory democracy as “thuggery” and “hooliganism.”

Talking Points Memo blogger Josh Marshall bemoaned a fiscal conservative activist’s memo offering advice on how to “pack the hall..spread out” and challenge a politician early “to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda.” Horrors! “This amounts to a sort of civic vigilanteism,” Marshall fretted.

No, showing up at a congressional town hall and booing a talking points-programmed political hack isn’t “civic vigilantism.” Throwing rocks, pouring cement on train tracks, blocking military shipments, smashing windows, hurling paint, slashing tires, vandalizing businesses, and throwing shoes are vigilante acts.

That is what the anti-war, anti-free trade, anti-Bush mobsters did over the last eight years – and there wasn’t a peep about those brute tactics from Obama’s blogging pals.

They sat quietly while Code Pink disrupted hearings on the Hill and harassed Marine recruiters.

They looked the other way when ACORN illegally broke into homes and stormed foreclosure auctions.

They gave their tacit approval to self-declared “bank terrorists” like Boston housing entitlement organizer Bruce Marks, who show up at the schools of bank executives’ children and bullies them because of their parents’ employment in the name of social justice.

Now, the taxpayers footing the bill for Obama’s redistribution of health and wealth are silent no more – and the unhinged Left is beside itself. The “thoughtful” left-wing response to the Tea Party counterinsurgency can best be summed up by hysterical Hollywood actress Janeane Garafolo, who railed last week: “F**ng redneck d**chebaggery. Unmitigated d**chebaggery.”

It’s not the town halls that have gone wild. It’s the Tea Party-bashers who can’t tolerate peaceful, open dissent.
Of course Democrats can't handle it. Liberals don't like it when opposing viewpoints actually try to make themselves known; liberals do their damnedest to ensure that these opposing viewpoints are never aired.

* * *

Well, the piston rings came in today, so now there is nothing preventing me from reassembling the engine.

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