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#1671: Mumble Santa mumble mumble Rudolph

Bob Dylan is going to do a Christmas album.

It's hard to dispute Dylan's impact on the music world, but this is a guy whose dictionary does not include the word "enunciate".

This is the LOL of the day. May it not be your only one.

* * *

This is only news to people who don't pay attention department: a $100,000 per year salary in New York City is a subsistence wage.

Well, not quite, but close. NY has the highest cost-of-living in the US.

I have no idea why anyone with any sense would actually want to live there. I've been to New York; it sucked.

* * *

The fact that this guy is a scotsman keeps the US media from claming that Obama killed the bad guy.

Remember that Al Qaeda bigwig that US forces bagged last week? ABC News and World Report actually said that Obama killed him. I mean, verbatim. Apparently Obama himself was piloting the UAV and said, "Hey, I know that bitch! I'm-a cap his ass!" and fired the missiles which killed the guy.

* * *

"Has yet to smash an atom"? These reporters don't know science, that's for sure. (Then again, science generally relies on facts and proofs, which are foreign to the thought of modern journalism.)

CERN is planning to smack protons together with this thing. Technically, okay, a proton is a hydrogen ion, but come on.

Reporters are very good at being critical of the failures of things they don't understand. Since they don't know anything useful, they don't get that when you build something like a one-of-a-kind supercollider it is not like buying a new Honda: you don't just get in, start it up, and start driving.

CERN's machine is a very large, fiendishly complex, and unprecedented piece of engineering. There are no books in the library telling you how to build one; the guys who are building the thing are writing that book.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who actually understands science and technology that there are going to be hiccoughs in the startup procedure, and that it's going to take time to get the bugs ironed out. That's just how it is.

* * *

Sweden is one of the many countries which have socialized medicine. We're told that socialized medicine is going to improve the quality of care, etc. I have to wonder: was this woman able to get an MRI?

Four doctors all said she had tension headaches. One pass through an MRI would have revealed the fist-sized tumor in her skull.

How long are waiting times for MRI machines in Sweden? What does a doctor have to do to get a patient into the queue for one? How much paperwork is required? Who finally makes the decision?

* * *

Apparently the University of California at San Diego has a cafe dedicated to a murderous thug.

See, if Hitler had been cute instead of butt-ugly, all kinds of lefties would wet their panties over him, too. Well, that, and if he hadn't attacked Russia. (Truth: American communists loved Hitler until he went after their pal Stalin.) So in a slightly different world these morons might have a choice between the Che Cafe and the Hitler Deli. You never know.

'Cause Lord knows lots of leftists in this country agree with Hitler when it comes to Jews. (And here. And here.)

(BTW, there's one pic of a moron wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara on it, wearing a kaffiyeh. Yeah. These people are idiots.)

* * *

Obama official tells union thugs, "keep it up" the day after there is violence at a "town hall meeting". Take from that what you will.

* * *

Michelle Malkin on Democrat astroturf versus conservative grassroots.

The press uncritically accepts and reports the Democrat party line: well-funded and organized Democrat protestors carrying pre-printed signts are "grassroots"; less organized but much more numerous anti-Obamacare protestors with homemade signs are "well-funded astroturf protestors".

Yeah. I have to wonder how many "real Americans" actually buy that.

* * *

I don't know; "Barack Milhaus Obama" has a certain ring to it. Maybe that's what the birth certificate says!

Dennis links to this:
The drug industry has authorized its lobbyists to spend as much as $150 million on television commercials supporting President Obama’s health care overhaul, beginning over the August Congressional recess, people briefed on the plans said Saturday.

What I am really interested in knowing is why drug companies are for this monstrosity. Well, Dennis explains:
And what did this cost us? Well, Democrats were looking for pharmaceutical industry price breaks for Medicare in the neighborhood of $120 to $160 billion. President Obama has capped it at $80 billion. Yep, for selling us out for between $40 and $80 billion, Barack Milhaus Obama picked himself up $150 million in lobbying money. So who's running the big fuckin' conspiracy now?
You see, what Obama has done is to guarantee that Big Pharma will make money.

Hmm, under another adminstration, this would be roundly and thoroughly criticized as "corporate welfare".

* * *

I spent some time last night working on the Jalopy engine.

#1: cleaned up the valve cover and accessory bracket in preparation for paint.

#2: took the #3 piston and got the stuck rings out, then cleaned out the ring grooves.

#3: masked the valve cover so that it will look COOL once it is painted.

I still have three pistons to clean up, but they won't be as difficult as #3 was. Then I can begin reassembling the dang thing.


Masking the valve cover I could do inside, and did; I sat on the floor at the coffee table with masking tape and a razor blade for more than an hour, masking fins and letters. I'm thinking I'll either sand the paint off the Ford logo or else hand-paint it. I don't know yet. Having white letters on a blue background appeals to me--it'll jump off the gloss black cover--but I don't know how much patience I have for doing that. Plus I have to find temperature-resistant paint in small quantities; I'm not about to spend $5 on a can of white paint for the sake of painting about a square inch of metal. (Ditto for blue.)

Anyway, I'm going to wait a couple hours and then go paint it, so we'll see how it comes out. Right now it's just too damn hot outside.

* * *

Boring part, about dreams, which you can safely skip if you like:

Before waking up today I had this long and complex dream. As longtime readers of the Fungus know, I am definitely no fan of the Harry Potter franchise, yet in this dream Emma Watson (or someone who strongly resembles her) was my girlfriend, and we were caught in the middle of some kind of attack, using magic, perpetrated by some hugely evil overlord.


I'm not sure what age I was supposed to be in this thing; the chronology was screwed up and inconsistent, so I was my current age at one point, and later I was in grade school, and then I was a teenager, and so on.

The story had a beginning, a middle, and an end, and it seemed to center around a class of kids putting on a play to commemorate some historical event...only suddenly the events of the play became real (thanks to Evil Overlord Man) and I was the only person who could possibly set things to rights. Even Emma Watson turned against me and coldly announced that she was going to start dating some other guy.

I don't remember how I turned things around, but I did, and saved the day. I even got Emma Watson back.

...and I had this dream, with variations, all night, as if I was trying to get the story right or something. I guess I enjoyed it the first time I had it?

All I know is that--in the light of day--it was pretty stupid. As usual.

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