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#1677: The evil Kennedy family.

dispatches from TJICistan has an interesting post up about why Eunice Kennedy Shriver was "retarded" in the first place. She certainly wan't born that way.

No, old Joe Kennedy--bootlegger extraordinaire!--had her lobotomized.
So the elder patriarch of the Kennedy Clan shipped his daughter off to a convent, and when she started sneaking out at night and embarrassing the family, he somehow authorized physicians to saw into her brain until she lost the ability to speak.
Do you understand how fricking evil that is? If you're not cringing in horror at the idea of that, you're not human.

Never forget that the Kennedy fortune was made by smuggling bootlegged alcohol during Prohibition.

JFK was a drug addict and had the Secret Service sneaking women into and out of the White House. Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in a sinking car. Old Joe, the original criminal in the family, did everything in his power to avoid scandal, including letting a quack cut up his daughter's brain with a butter knife.

Someone explain to me again why our country looks up to these people?

* * *

Dennis talks about Obama's style of management, and concludes that Obama has none, that he is incable of managing anything.

Considering that Obama's executive experience prior to his being in the White House doesn't even include managing a lemonade stand, that is not terribly surprising.

* * *

An excellent post on SEIU thuggery. And Democrat thuggery in general.

* * *

Over the past couple of weeks I've been downloading the first season of Star Blazers, Vampire Princess Miyu TV, and Mermaid Forest TV. Only the latter is nearly complete; the former two are 26 eps each.

Once MF is done I'm going to have to think about what's next. Certainly I'm going to start grabbing all the Tenchi and El Hazard, all of which I have on LD and therefore haven't seen in a damn long time.

* * *

Today I got the oil pan washed off and out, and then I turned my attention to the Jeep: I had the hose out and the Jeep's roof was covered with this armor plating of dirt.

It was a mixture of dirt and tree sap which had hardened in place, and just getting it wet wasn't enough to dislodge it. A brush-type car wash merely put streaks in it. I had to hose it down, put a strong solution of Dawn and water on it, and scrub to get it off.

About an hour later about 99.67% of the dirt was gone. There are a few traces remaining but I expect I'll do a complete wash job later, to get the hardened gunk out of all the door jambs. Argh etc.

As it sits now, though, it looks about 3,000% better than it did.

Now that the painting/detailing/cleaning is finished, I think I can now begin reassembly of the Escort engine. I'm going to have to go buy some stuff--radiator hoses, transmission fluid, etc--but the rotating assembly can be installed and the cylinder head put on.

Hoody hoo.

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