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#1678: NOW we have to "respect the office"?

Now that a Democrat is in the White House, now we are supposed to have respect for the office.

Oh, how silly of me. See, I thought that eight years of "Bushitler" and "Chimpy McHalliburton" and calls for assassination and effigies and bad photoshops and all the other derision and ridicule from the liberals had changed things.

But no: now that their guy is in the White House, now we must be nice to him because we must have respect for the office.

More hypocrisy from liberals. What a surprise! I am so very, very shocked!

Yes, the Obama "Joker" poster is offensive. Vanity Fair's Bush "Joker" cover wasn't, but the Obama thing is.

We have to go to Fox News to get any mention of violent anti-Bush rhetoric. This is why liberals hate Fox News.

Michelle Malkin also posts about the "selective outrage of the MSM". She cites the Fox article.

Dick discusses the Secret Service arrest of a man holding a sign that said "DEATH TO OBAMA".

How many people did the Secret Service arrest who had expressed similar sentiments towards President Bush? Just asking.

The liberal press didn't care about the threats against President Bush, didn't care about the violent rhetoric, didn't care about the effigies, didn't care about the swastikas, didn't care about the photoshops, because it agreed with the people who issued them. The press loves Obama, though, so it is doing its damnedest to present anyone who expresses the mildest anti-Obama sentiment as a racist cracker psychopath.

* * *

This kind of nonsense is why Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska. What? She's using a private e-mail account to conduct state business? SUE!

* * *

So let's talk about Obamacare. What's up in that world?

Well, let's look at the "town hall" roundup today:

Obama delegate pretends to be a doctor at a town hall meeting. Press eagerly helps conceal the ruse. And then the newspapers wonder why people aren't buying them?

How shocking! Another lie from Obama's town hall meeting! A "surgeon" does not make $50,000 by performing an amputation. An amputation may cost $50,000, when you include the hospital stay and the myriad of other charges associated with a major operation, but the surgeon is only paid around $1,100.

But...but her cell phone was ringing! Texas Representative Shiela Jackson-Lee took a call while a constituent was asking her a question. Brilliant!

Here is another moment of Democrat arrogance and stupidity for the mainstream media to ignore.

At least the newspeople are attending the things even if they are slanting their coverage in favor of socialized medicine.

* * *

Federal deficit has ballooned.
Outlays totaled $3 trillion over the past 10 months, up 21.1 percent from the same period in 2008. The resulting deficit of $1.27 trillion compares to an imbalance of $388.6 billion during the year-ago period. The deficit for all of 2008 was $454.8 billion, the current record holder in dollar terms.
Okay? Under Bush the record deficit was set at $455 billion. The deficit for Obama's first year in office is 2.8 times that amount.

Bush deficit: $455 billion
Obama deficit: $1,270 billion


Yes, Bush was President for most of the first quarter of FY 2009. (November 1, 2008 through January 20, 2009.) But that's less than three months; Obama has been in charge for seven months, almost, which is twice as long as Bush had the reins.

You cannot convince me that this is Bush's fault. Enough said.

* * *

This is as interesting for the story between the lines as it is for the story it overtly tells: an Obama administration official has ties to a group which is trying to organize a boycott of Glenn Beck.

The Obama official in question is Van Jones, Obama's "green jobs czar". Apparently this guy is a radical communist. (Whoa, the surprises keep coming!)

"Jones reportedly named his son after Cabral* and reportedly concludes every e-mail with a quote from the communist leader."

*="Amilcar Cabral, the late Marxist revolutionary leader of Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands."

Whoa! An environmentalist who is also a Marxist! Color me surprised! I could not possibly have expected such a shocking turn of events!

...this guy is why the term "watermelon" sticks so well with me: green on the outside, red on the inside. A lot of these whack-jobs are closet (or not-so-closet) communists, and they see environmentalism as a good way to seize control. Doubt me if you will.

* * *

Back in the early 1970s, All in the Family was a hit sitcom.

You had Archie Bunker, played by Carrol O'Connor. My first exposure to the concepts of liberal and conservative came from a profile piece in some pseudo-magazine which was distributed to schools; the profile implied that O'Connor was a great actor because he--a good liberal!--played a conservative so well.

Problem: Archie Bunker was not a conservative. He was the left's caricature of conservatism.

In American History X we see the same thing: Derek Vinyard (played by Edward Norton) was supposed to be a skinhead: a neo-nazi racist bigot. The positions he espoused, however, weren't skinhead positions; they were conservative positions. Prime example: the talk he gives his gang before they bust into the supermarket, vandalizing and terrorizing the staff. Many Americans would empathize with his little speech about illegal immigration, but the movie carefully presents it in the context of this is racism and bigotry.

Archie Bunker was much the same: he presented conservative ideas wrapped in a patina of racism and bigotry. It was heavy-handed, and I think much of the show's popularity came from two things: there simply was nothing else on TV (in the 1970s there were three networks plus PBS); second, most Americans liked seeing conservatism expressed on TV, choosing to ignore the hyperbolic patina applied by Hollywood.

I discussed this with friends in the 1980s; they told me that Meathead was presented as "stupid" and therefore "equally bad", but I never saw that. Meathead was presented as earnest and perhaps a bit naive; we were meant to conclude that Meathead was basically a good guy and that Archie was an abrasive jerk.

So now we come to Stephen Colbert. Stephen Colbert is "Archie Bunker 2.0". How do I know this?

Liberals love him.

I didn't need to look him up on Wikipedia to figure this out. I watched his interview with George Will; that was all it took.

* * *

WoW: I forgot all about Cathexa, the forsaken warlock over on server Galakrond. When the 3.2.0 patch went live and Aggramar was down, I fiddled around with Cathexa and bumped her a level.

Last night, Aggramar was full, so on impulse I hopped on Galakrond and ran some quests with Cathexa, and it was fun. I added three or four levels to her in a couple of hours.

The funny part is, I'm setting her action bars up exactly the way Amaleni's are. Habit, heh.

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