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#1682: Oh, this is FUN.

Thanks to a link from Steven I got to see a huge page of liberals losing their shit over the Obama administration's trial balloon re: eliminating the public option from Obamacare.

MetaFilter page with an ass-ton of liberals losing their shit.

This is FUN STUFF here.

But one quote puzzles me:
And a lot of us now feel that Obama has completely fucked us over in every possible way. What, exactly, has he done for us? We have eternal war; we have the death camps still; we have trillions given to Wall Street while looting the pension funds of auto workers; and now this.

And your answer is that it's our fault? That we somehow didn't do something more to force Obama to actually do what he said he was going to do?
Wait, what "death camps"? We have death camps? Where? It's odd that the mainstream media hasn't reported on this. Then again, these people think the mainstream media belongs to the GOP, so I suppose that's not all that surprising.

"Looting the pension funds of auto workers"--again, I'm kind of confused by that, because Obama's bankruptcy deals for GM and Chrysler included giving all kinds of equity to the UAW precisely so that they could maintain their pension funds.

But the absolute best part of all this is how outraged they are that Obama says he's not going to do what they want him to do. (Personally I agree with Michelle Malkin, who says this is a trial balloon and that the final bill will have a public option.) They didn't vote for Obama based on promises that he would socialize medicine and raise taxes and all the other liberal BS; in fact Obama ran pretty far to the center of the political spectrum and then moved left after winning the election. What they voted for was the (D) next to his name, and the assumption that he was going to do all the things they wanted him to do.

What I love most about this page of angst is, as Steven pointed out:
What with the Democrats having a 60-40 filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and 255 Representatives (to 178 for the Republicans) plus having a Democratic president, it looks like the D's still can't manage to pass their single-payer health care plan. They're doing trial balloons about dropping that part.

And over at Metafilter the denizens are royally pissed off. And, of course, they're blaming it on the Republicans. Which makes no sense at all.
The Republican party has nothing to do with the Democrats' failure to socialize medicine. (Yet.) The Democrats can't come to an agreement. They have the votes; all they have to do is all vote "yes" and they'll get their plan. The problem is, they won't all vote "yes".

One person posted a comment which shows she knows nothing about how health insurance works:
For many years, I could not afford health insurance, and, now that I have it via my husband's work, I'm afraid to use it. I likely have pre-existing conditions and won't find out until my insurance claims are denied, putting my family in a black hole financially.
A "pre-existing condition" doesn't work like that.

Example: I have irritable bowel syndrome. It was diagnosed in 2000; I was covered by the insurance I got through Rockwell.

Any medical issue related to irritable bowel syndrom might not be covered under my present insurance. It is a pre-existing condition: it had been diagnosed before I bought this policy.

If I were to go to the doctor tomorrow and he found an alien lifeform living in my colon, that would not be a "pre-existing condition", even if it had been in there since 1974, because it had never been diagnosed before. The date of the diagosis is what counts.

So let's say this woman goes to see the doctor and the doctor finds some kind of tumor. That would not be a pre-existing condition. Now, if she went to the doctor, he found a tumor, and she said, "Oh yes, that was diagnosed in 1989, but they had to leave it alone" that would be a pre-existing condition. But she would know about it.

You can't have a pre-existing condition that you don't know about.

...and in fact, there were some changes to how insurance companies can deal with pre-existing conditions, back during the Clinton years. I don't remember the specifics, unfortunately.

ANYway, I skimmed through the comments with a smile on my face: these people are nuts, and they're all incredibly angry with Obama's trial balloon. It's a hoot.

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