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#1687: He just has a wide stance!

Democrat had a fap at the YMCA.

Yeah, he'll get a pass from the media.

* * *

More about EMP. The article points out that a really big geomagnetic storm could have about the same effect, at least on our power grid.

The article mentions many of the concerns I raised some time ago, and which were dismissed by people who reckoned themselves to be better informed than I. (Example? Oh, like "Iran doesn't have a long-range missile, they can't EMP us".)

* * *

Ann Coulter on liberal lies.

Awesome read, as always.

* * *

So after that huge outbreak of two sunspots last month, the sun has now been totally blank for 40 days. 79% of the days this year have been spotless.

* * *

One of the things I miss most sorely about Cedar Rapids is Fiesta Del Sol, the mexican restaurant which is (was?) at the corner of 8th avenue and Collins road, kitty-corner from the Best Buy.

"Was"--I haven't been to Cedar Rapids since March of 2007. I wonder if the place is still in business? They sure seemed busy enough when I lived there....

Anyway: moving back to Illinois made the location of FdS inconvenient at best, so I've had to make do with Taco Bell, which barely even qualifies as food, let alone genuine ethnic cuisine. I like Taco Bell, but it sure as hell ain't mexican food. They use cheddar cheese, for Christ's sake. (Okay, actually they use cheddar flavored pasteurized process "cheese food", and longtime readers of the Fungus know the rule for that: if they have to put the word "food" in the name of the stuff, it sure as hell AIN'T FOOD.)

Last night I took the fiancee out to dinner, to this place called "Cilantro". She had suggested it.

...the first sign I had that the place was going to be worth the effort was the salsa: it was the same kind that FdS served! I ordered fajitas; they were done correctly. Chihuahua cheese, no "pasturized process cheese food" in sight.

My only complaint is the menu selection; it's kind of sparse. FdS used to have a fantastic al a carte menu as well as a healthy array of combination meals and specials. This place's menu covers all of two (smallish) pages, and most of one page is devoted to appetizers. (The third page on the back is devoted to two desserts and the drink menu.)

I saw no flautas, no con carne.

Well, but the prices were decent, the food was good, and it's a lot closer than Cedar Rapids. I can live without flautas or con carne.

* * *

...and that's all I've got. Depression has set in; I haven't even been playing WoW let alone anything else. Mainly I've been working on the light novel--the text, as I haven't gotten the gumption yet to draw anything--and re-reading I"s for the past few days.

The light novel, title TBA, is up past fifty pages. That's not bad for three days' sporadic work. I expect it to top out somewhere north of a hundred pages, and after I add illustrations it should be a respectable 120 or so. It really depends on how many drawings I am inspired to create for this thing, and how big they are.

Right now I'm going back to bed, though. I was up past 3 again, and slept for about four hours. I probably wouldn't even be up now if my damn shoulder hadn't started bothering me....

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