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#1688: NO arrests for threatening President Bush.

Zombietime has a blog now! I must've missed a memo!

This particular post illustrates the difference between how threats against George Bush were dealt with and how threats against Obama are dealt with.

* * *

I think I'm all wee-weed up!

WTF does that mean, Gus? It's the same thing every year! You burn down the back yard and your wife falls down the stairs! WTF is that, Gus?

* * *

I never dreamed I would quote Eddie Murphy when talking about a sitting President. Live and learn.

* * *

So help me understand this:

Valerie Plame--a non-covert CIA executive--was somehow "outed" by the Bush administration to get revenge on her husband who had somehow been critical of them, and it was Bush's fault, and he should have been impeached for it. (According to our "friends" on the left.)

But it is perfectly all right for the ACLU to "share classified information and photos of undercover CIA officers with Gitmo detainees."

You know, it has been literal years since I actually expected anything other than hypocrisy from liberals? But it seems there are an awful lot of people out there who think I'm crazy when I say that there's a double standard.

Most of those people are--guess!--liberals, of course. The same guy who holds up a sign at a protest which says "KILL BUSH" will react with outrage when someone has a sign that says "KILL OBAMA". And the fact that his opinion is hypocritical won't even occur to him.

And, in fact, if you point his hypocrisy out to him, he will rationalize it any of a thousand ways. Liberals are not big on equal treatment, no matter what they say; what they want is their way, all the time.

* * *


In several places around Outland you run into these humanoid monsters called "Gan'arg". They're short and kind of hunchbacked. Anyway, they're essentially just another variety of "generic target dummy". (You can call this class of opponent "orcs", although there will be some confusion due to the fact that orcs exist in the game both as a player race and computer opponent.)

The neat thing about the Gan'arg is the noise they make on some attacks. It sounds like he's saying, Ooh, yeah! As in, "Ooh, yeah! Lookit the blood!" or "Ooh, yeah! I'm gonna eat well tonight!" Heh.

* * *

When Mom and I need just a few things from the store, we hit the store in town.

The place used to be named Seehausen's; but the Seehausens sold the place and now it's "Crete Country Market".

Anyway, we were in the place last week and I grabbed a bag of pork rinds because it was a buck.

I have liked pork rinds since 1985: they were featured prominently in a scene in The Sure Thing and I decided to see what was so great about them; and it turned out that despite the fact they are deep fried pig skin they actually do taste good.

For a while one could get microwave pork rinds: it came in a package just like microwave popcorn, and the pork rinds actually "popped" in the microwave. I suppose the product is still made, but the Wal-Marts which I patronized (both in Cedar Rapids) stopped carrying them, and I haven't seen it since. It's really a shame, because they were delicious. Nothing like having fresh-cooked pork rinds! (And a further plus was that it's really weird and it kind of grossed out my friends a little bit.)

The cheapo ones I got at the local store taste exactly the same as the more expensive brands. That's not surprising, considering that the ingredient list is "pork skins, salt".

My cats like them, too.

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