atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1689: I take exception to this.

"If you’re currently using Windows Vista, the upgrade to Windows 7 is a no-brainer."

That's not so.

Look, when I first got this computer, Vista had been out for a couple of months at most, and most of what I wanted to do couldn't be done because the software didn't work with Vista. All of that has been sorted now; and Vista is playing nice.

A few months ago when I got a trojan (due to my own stupidity) I asked the computer gurus in the #gunblogger_conspiracy IRC channel for help. What kind of advice did I get? "Delete Vista and install [some flavor of Linux]".

So the other night I hopped on the channel to chat, and most of what was going on was one of the gurus trying to walk another chatter through getting an ATI video card to work correctly...under Linux.

I wish I had captured the text; really I do. The process took more than half an hour and there was a ton of BS and rebooting involved.

Then I think about upgrading the video card in this machine:

1) shut down computer
2) install card
3) boot computer
4) install drivers
5) enjoy WoW in a native resolution

It took 10 minutes. Yeah, Vista is terrible compared to Linux.

Look, I understand the advantages of *nix, really I do. But most flavors of Linux are for people who enjoy fucking around with their computers for hours at a time, and eight years as a computer hardware tech cured me of that hobby.

I want to do things on the computer, not to the computer. That's what frustrated me about Vista when it was still a new release: I was wasting time screwing around with the OS, trying to make it work.

But those problems, as I said, have been solved. The only thing I can't do on this computer which I could do on my last one is to play Carmageddon. That's it; end of list. And Win7 is not going to be able to run Carmageddon, either, so why spend $120 on the Win7 upgrade?

When I buy a new computer, it will have Win7 (or whatever the current version is) on it. That'll do.

* * *

By the way, my P3 ran WinME for six years with hardly a hiccough. (Ever.) People tell me I am a "freak" because of that.

* * *

We are told that the economy is now getting better. Barack Hussein has said it, and the media parrots it faithfully.

This gives the lie to that...uh, lie. Forclosure rates are continuing to rise and the biggest rise appears to be in prime mortgages.

In short: the economy is not getting any better, damn it.

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