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#1691: You guys were the only ones saying that!

Today marks the 44th consecutive day without spots on the sun--one of the longest quiet spells of the current solar minimum. In early July, sunspot 1024 seemed to herald the long-awaited onset of Solar Cycle 24, but shortly after that apparition, sunspot production turned off again. Deep solar minimum continues...
Emphasis added.

A lot of casual observers (such as, you know, me) were saying, "Okay, guys, it's a pair of sunspots. Let's not assume the minimum is now over!"

Right below that is a graph of the solar magnetic flux from about 1992 through the present, and it shows that the field strength has weakened from an average of around 3,000 gauss to around 2,100 gauss. We don't really know what that means but it would seem to indicate that the sun is taking a chill, you know?

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Good luck with that. "Converting" Muslims to believe in evolution, I mean.

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You gotta read the fine print, but it's worth the effort.

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