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#1692: The Geneva Convention does not protect terrorists.

So we threatened a terrorist with a gun and a drill. Did we actually shoot or drill the bastard?

In any event, as the title of this post suggests, terrorists are not subject to the Geneva Convention. The GC is designed to protect uniformed personnel in a declared war, not psychotic savages in plainclothes.

Do I actually have to point out how effective the GC is not when it comes to protecting our guys from the psychotic savages? We aren't going around sawing peoples' heads off or dragging corpses through the streets!

The Justice Department--which is not interested in real proven cases of voter intimidation--is going to reopen the case. What a surprise that is.

AG Holder is considering appointing "...a special criminal prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration's interrogation practices." Way to make America into a third-world country, guys, by criminalizing policy differences!

* * *

And so Afghanistan is turning into a quagmire. Big surprise. I would bet that Obama is attempting to micro-manage the war there and doing about as well as he's done with the other things he's micro-managed.

The war in Afghanistan is probably not winnable--probably never was--without the US getting medieval on the place. We could go in there and pacify it; but it would make the effort in Iraq look like a Memorial Day parade.

Barack and his crew are probably not really interested in winning anything; for them, a loss is as good as a win because losing would "prove" that military force can't solve anything. The only danger to losing is what the public thinks. With the press fawning over Obama's every episode of flatulence and calling it "a breath of fresh air" I have no doubt that the story would be spun to suit the administration.

* * *

Here is another example of Democrat "compassion": there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) next year. People on Social Security and disability won't be getting an adjustment for inflation.

Isn't that nice of the Democrats? These are people who are relying on the government for living expenses, and the government has arbitrarily decided not to adjust for inflation. Many of these people are Democrat voters.

If this is how the Democrats treat their voters, why are there so many of them?

* * *

I respect Vox Day's opinions. That's why I am moderately confident that the economy is going to tank even though the administration and the press are all saying, "Everything is fine now!"

It is not fine.

* * *

I finished reading I"s last night, and once again I was disappointed by the ending.

I"s is a love story. It's full of angst and uncertainty and there are times when you want to reach into the book and choke the crap out of Ichitaka, the main character and male lead. But that's not what's wrong with it; you want there to be conflict in a story, and the tone of the thing makes each new imbroglio a nail-biter. It does keep you in suspense.

No, the problem is with the payoff, or--rather--the lack thereof.

Rumiko Takahashi understood very well what had to happen in Maison Ikkoku, which was just as long as I"s was: Kyoko and Yuusaku ended up having sex, and we saw enough of the scene to get that. The rest of the story was pretty much denouement but there was still conflict and suspense in it, until the very last chapter. All of this despite the fact that the ending was well-telegraphed by Takahashi.

I"s keeps you in suspense, wondering if Ichitaka and Iori will, in fact, end up together. It's a serious story with humorous moments, so the reader can't make any assumptions.

Spoiler warning!

We are shown Ichitaka and Iori leaving a party and going...somewhere (Ichitaka's apartment?) and then the story ends. There is no sex; there isn't even a kiss. By the end of the story we've seen some four or five times that Ichitaka and Iori have been together as a couple but they never got more intimate than showering together. They say that they "like" each other but not "love".

Only difference between those scenes and the end: saying "love" instead of "like".

There should have been a sex scene, even if it was like Takahashi's, where we see breasts and not much else, and two people laying in each other's arms (covered by blankets). There should then have been a denouement chapter showing Iori and Ichitaka's life after all the conflict was done. (Maybe a couple years later, showing them married and happy.)

But there was none of that; and so the ending of I"s leaves one feeling like nothing has actually be solved, as if Ichitaka and Iori are going to go on in the same mode as they have for fifteen freaking books.


Anyway, the artwork is fantastic and--other than the lack of any kind of resolution--the story is entertaining.

I'm reminded of my complaint about the ending of the 6-episode OVA series; I recall saying that ending couldn't have been from the manga...and unfortunately, it was. *sigh* Oh well.

* * *

I have Vampire Princess Muyu TV in its entirety. I'm going to add it to the playlist.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu had a good ending.

Mio is my favorite character from K-on!.

Rosario+Vampire Capu2: You know, I don't like vampires. Not even the cute-and-sexy variety. Moko is a vampire! She drinks blood! Okay, she's not in love with what's-his-name; she's in love with his blood! To her, he's just a convenient self-propelled meal!

Well, the first series was entertaining despite those feelings of mine, so we'll see how I feel about the sequel.

* * *

Stupid anxiety attacks.

I took my fiancee's advice and played WoW a lot last night. I've been feeling depressed, stressed, and crappy for more than a week. I tried mowing the grass yesterday and got the back grass about half-done before the gut sounded the warp core breach alarm. I stopped, hit the can, and continued through cramps and other discomfort. I got the back grass cut, anyway.

But Beth suggested I do something fun; and as I hadn't been playing WoW much of late, playing WoW was one of her suggestions.

So I had myself a major WoW session last night, running Scythandra around Outland. I don't remember what time I started, but I played until after 8 AM.

Scythandra went from 66th level to 68th. And, in fact, halfway to 69th.

Anyway, around that I did a load of laundry, and I was planning to run a couple errands before going to bed a little later: take Mom out to Menard's to get sunflower seeds, go get a piston ring compressor. No problem.

Except, of course, as I was sitting here working up today's blog entry, my heart was pounding.

I make no secret of the fact that I take Paxil and Xanax for chronic anxiety. I've written about it here before. The Paxil is for day-to-day stuff; the Xanax is for when I have a panic attack despite the Paxil.

The problem is, the Xanax knocks me out. It works but it also makes me terribly sleepy. Everything starts to feel heavy--as if someone turned up gravity--and after about 10-20 minutes of this feeling I cannot stay awake.

So now I'm going to have to take a nap, and go run errands in the afternoon. *sigh*

* * *

Saturday night I organized the garage a bit, preparatory to building the Escort engine. I still need to clean the internal parts but I have everything laid out. I need a piston ring compressor in order to assemble the engine; I tried looking for the one I thought I had and it turned out that I do not, after all, have one.

* * *

...and now I'm starting to fall asleep. Later, all.

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