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#1698: I didn't know they could do this.

Liver dialysis. Wow.

I guess it makes sense that we'd figure out how to do something like that--we've been able to do kidney dialysis for decades--but I had never heard of it being done before now.

* * *

One million Britons are suffering under socialized medicine. But there's no incentive to provide good care to everyone and in fact there is a strong disincentive to do so.

* * *

Ann Coulter has another entry in her series of "Liberal Lies About National Health Care".

* * *

Speaking of liberal lies: CBS News knew that George W. Bush had volunteered for duty in Vietnam.

Okay? The very people who ran a story alleging that Bush had been a slacker--who had used faked documents to bolster their story--these people knew it was untrue yet tried to present it as fact.

Oh, but there's no liberal bias in the media or anything.

* * *

Unemployment rate is probably closer to 16% right now. It's an interesting theory: the mainstream media insisted that the unemployment numbers under Bush were "understated" because they didn't include those who had "given up" looking for work, and so the various newsreaders were always careful to add those extra percentage points back in.

Of course those same newsreaders are uncritically reporting the numbers under Obama without considering "discouraged workers". Adding in those numbers with Obama at the helm leads to that 16% unemployment rate.

* * *

A link from the former linked post: Chris Matthews is upset that Obama isn't being treated fairly by the press.

I would laugh if I hadn't seen this kind of nonsense all my life. Chris Matthews is merely among the latest example of people who are not journalists but shills for the Democrat party.

Matthews is insisting that Obama's policies have "kept us out of a Great Depression" but there is no way in hell he can know that. The problems which led to the current recession have not been dealt with in any meaningful way, and the Obama administration's entire playbook revolves around "spend, spend, spend". This is why the current federal deficit is $1,700 billion, and why next year's deficit will be $1,500 billion.

Obama's plans for deficit reduction revolve around "tax, tax, tax", and if for whatever reason the Democrats are unable to raise taxes, the entire house of cards will collapse, and then there will come the "Great Depression" Chris Matthews says that Obama's policies deftly avoided.

...and if the Democrats do manage to raise taxes, the economy will lay on the floor like a dead racoon, because the amount of taxation required to reduce Obama's deficit will be staggering.

Regardless, running the printing presses as the Democrats have done so far this year means that there will be inflation, and it will be bad, and that will screw up the economy, too.

Obama's not getting enough credit? Before his term is up he'll be lucky if there aren't lynch mobs down on Pennsylvania Avenue.

* * *

Gestation in zero gravity may lead to birth defects. I don't know if I agree with the conclusions, though. Letting sperm fertilize an egg in a spinning bottle is not the same as having conception occur in actual microgravity; the defects in the embryos might just as well have occurred because of all the revolving they were doing.

The conditions of the experiment may be similar to zero gravity but they aren't zero gravity; that difference may be important.

* * *

"...[T]he new study doesn't establish a cause-effect relationship between marijuana and sexual performance." If the substance in question were tobacco rather than marijuana, you can bet this sentence would not be included and the article would be one long warning about how smoking (tobacco) would make you an impotent eunuch. (...wait, I'm not even sure that's possible. Well, I guess tobacco is just that bad for you.)

I have thought--for quite some time--that if the health effects of marijuana were ever studied seriously, we would find that it is in fact much worse for you than tobacco. And so far, every time I have seen something like this reported, my hunch has been demonstrated.

* * *

For the first time in 30 years, the NRC has given someone permission to build a new nuclear power plant. But getting permission to do the thing is only the first step. Now they must brace for all the lawsuits from eco-nazis and NIMBY jerks, and file endless waiver applications in order to get past all the conflicting regulations.

Don't start celebrating this until the plant is actually on-line and feeding power to the electrical grid.

* * *


Here's the latest version of the playlist:

Mermaid Forest TV
Vampire Princess Miyu TV
Rosario+Vampire Capu 2
Hatsukoi Limited

Watching Vampire Princess Miyu is a real treat because the music was done by Kenji Kawai.

Mermaid Forest I am not so sure about just yet. The source material is brilliant, but this animated version (as of the first episode) hasn't seemed to have caught the feeling of the series. Well, it's really not a problem; it is, after all, only the first episode.

K-on! is turning out to be really worthwhile. The animation is really good. Ep 5 (the latest one I've seen) was a lot of fun.

* * *


Scythandra got her flying mount yesterday, and paid for it all by herself. (No loans from the rich alt.) She's got around 26 gold left, too.

In general it's not hard to accrue money in that game as long as you don't mind running around and killing a lot of stuff; and once you get to Outland the quest rewards get very lucrative, too. I don't expect it will take long for Scythandra to rebuild her wealth.

* * *

I'm 3 for 3: I had three panic attacks in as many days. WTF. We'll see if I have another one today, or what.

After having one yesterday morning, I took a Xanax and hit the sack. I slept a lot yesterday as I had nothing pressing; I woke up this morning around 5-ish feeling decent.

It would be inconvenient if this were to become a daily event, though. I don't need that.

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