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#1700: Solar minimum yet again.

Finally some sanity on the sun's effect on climate. The real news here is in the last paragraph, emphasis added:
Global warming is a long-term trend, Dr. Meehl says in a phone conversation. By contrast, this study attempts to explain the processes behind a periodic occurrence. But, he says, a model finally able to reproduce a complex phenomenon observed in the real world does suggest that our climate models – the same ones we use to predict what will happen to global climate as we ratchet up co2 concentrations – are improving. And that will, inevitably, have an affect on the climate discussion.
Take careful note of what that bolded phrase is saying; it is saying that the climate models have not (until recently) been able to account for these physical processes in the atmosphere.

And then ask yourself, "If they previously did not model those processes, what other processes are they not modeling?" It need not even be malicious and deliberate, as with Mann's "hockey stick"; there could easily be processes of which we are completely ignorant.

The anthropogenic global warming claim is based on one mechanism, one correlation--and it's one which has been found to be incorrect, at that, based on further examination of exactly the same data which led to the AGW postulate in the first place.

"Sun's cycle alters Earth's climate", goes the headline of this post. It's basically a retelling of the same information at the prior link.

...but we've known for a damn long time that crop yields tend to go down when the sunspot counts do, and that's pretty solid data. (More solid than the carbon dioxide versus global temperature data.)

The problem is, no one can be in charge if it's because of the sun. If it's carbon dioxide, then that means we need all kinds of controls and taxes and government regulation to Stop Global Warming Now. But if it's the sun there is nothing anyone can possibly do about it.

Anthropogenic global warming (and/or "climate change") is politics, not science.

* * *

For Breda, it's been "the year without a summer".

(Her name is Irish. It's pronounced "Bree-da".)

* * *

American liberals love Cuba. They just love Castro, and the Communist system, and they showcase Cuba's medical system whenever they can as a model we should aspire to.

In the early 1990s a friend of mine was dating a Chinese girl, and he said she was lucky because where she came from, she didn't have to worry about having a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, medical care, or education: all those things were taken care of by the government.

...I was not sharp enough to reply that she also did not have to worry about what opinions to have, as those were also thoughtfully provided for her by her government. That whole pesky "right to a redress of grievances" thing, you know, that we Americans have? Chinese citizens don't have to fret about that. Government knows, in all its wisdom, what's good for them, and if they are upset by something their government has done, it's because of their own ignorance and inability to see the big picture.


Cuba having a toilet paper shortage does not even remotely surprise me, because central planning cannot consider all the variables. Socialism and communism create nothing but scarcity, and people unlucky enough to be "have nots"--which is nearly everyone--under such systems live in grinding poverty.

* * *

This is typical for any development project. There are always problems with prototypes; that's why you build them. This is not a reflection on NASA.

No, the reflections on NASA come should this abortion ever enter actual service and still have problems like this. From here it doesn't look likely: the Obama administration has put the program "under review", and during the campaign Obama as much as said he was going to cut NASA funding. Take from that what you will, but expect that Ares/Orion will not be on-line in time to take over for the shuttle when it's retired, leaving the United States without any sort of viable manned launch platform.

The budget deficit is $1,700 billion and we can't spare 1% of that for NASA? Longtime readers of the Fungus know that I am no fan of NASA but for the moment it's the only game in town--and there are some things NASA does which cannot be done by private entities.

* * *

I can assure you, this planet does not "defy the laws of physics". Astronomers happen to find a planet which is in an unusual situation. It's unlikely, but it's not impossible.

Chalk this up to "stupid reporter".

* * *

Ogre likens the "High-value Detainee Interrogation Group" to Hitler's SS. And I'm not sure it's an inapt comparison.

As Ogre points out, "...if you study history, you will find that this is quite exactly how the Schutzstaffel got started. And for those who really didn’t study history, yes, the Schutzstaffel is the Nazi SS...."

As for me, I keep thinking I really ought to (finally) buy a copy of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and reread it. My first reading was of a borrowed copy, and let me tell you, that book ought to be required reading for high school civics courses. The important thing to remember about Adolf Hitler is that he came to power legally and then acted to seize total control of Germany--and the German people loved him for it.

The majority of the German people didn't know about the Holocaust until after Hitler's death; had things gone differently and Germany remained Nazi, we might never have known about the Holocaust.

Hitler's rise to power was populist. He was elected, at least at first. And one he had consolidated his power, there was nothing the German people could do about him. One imagines that there must have been plenty of Germans who began thinking, "Uh oh; what have we done?" but by then it was too late: Hitler had the SS (run by Heinrich Himmler) to make sure any dissent was crushed.

The press in Germany was thrilled with Hitler because Hitler was bringing socialism to Germany! They wouldn't even say "boo" about the man because they agreed with his politics...and by the time they learned the truth it was too late; they could no longer tell the truth for fear of what the SS might do to them.

So here we have the Obama administration. During the Bush years we heard an endless wail about "the imperial presidency"; Obama's actions are making Bush's look tepid by comparison--and the press is silent.

Will the American press come to regret this?

* * *

A LOL to finish the post du jour:

funny pictures of cats with captions

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