atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1703: I am pretty proud of myself.

Engine work today. I got the crankshaft put in, and the pistons pre-assembled, and I got one piston put in. Then I took it back out.

I took it back out because I broke one of the connecting rod bolts.

I was tightening the nut with the torque wrench set at 32 ft-lbs, and tightening and tightening and geeze this thing should click pretty soon shouldn't it? But it's not getting any harder to tighten and--



Oh, that must've been the rod cap snapping into place because there isn't all that much resistance, and...

Oh, the nut's broken off.



I am pleased to say that I didn't go out into the street and see how far I could throw the torque wrench, even after I tested it and found that it did indeed click properly at a reasonable level of effort.

I didn't kick anything, throw anything, yell at anything, or even raise my voice.

I think I handled that pretty well, considering that I had expected to finish the short block today at least and possibly get the whole thing buttoned up, and now I have to order some rod bolts and wait at least until Wednesday for them to come in.

...and so the crankshaft is in. I didn't put the other three pistons in; I just gave up for the day. Maybe I'll put the other pistons in tomorrow.

I bought a dial-type torque wrench when I went to O'Reilly's to see about ordering some rod bolts. (Their system says "nuts" when you bring up "rod bolts" so God knows what they're going to have for me on Wednesday. I'm going to the Ford garage to order rod bolts regardless.)


Well, WTF, it's not like I have to get this done today. I've been working on this damn project for nearly five weeks (it'll be five weeks on Tuesday). A few more days won't hurt.

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