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#1708: Oh, it's a political term.

Really? "A technical political kind of term"?

Then that makes it fair game:




Relax! It's just a technical political kind of term!

* * *

Oh, but I guess I had better be careful with that last because the White House is going to collect information and compile dossiers on both critics and supporters of the administration.

You know, I saw this on the Fiero Forum the other day and just about laughed my balls off:
First Bush was Hitler, now Obama is Hitler
Let's clear something up right now. All U.S. presidents are gonna have some bad ideas, regardless of which political party they're in, but until they decide to kill 6,000,000+ people for for having "inferior genes" let's hold off on the name calling.
Where was this complaint when it was "Bushitler" and "Darth Cheney" and all the other horseshit from the commie-libs? I notice no one was upset about this (not even "moderates") until Obama got into office.

Fuck that shit.

Massachusettes is working on a bill which will allow the state to forcibly quarantine people with swine flu.

Okay: swine flu has killed how many people in the United States? Out of how many cases? Is it as high as 2%? 821 deaths in North America out of about 67,000 cases--1.2%, more or less.

And Iowa, too, is preparing to quarantine people who have, or have been exposed to, swine flu.

I want to compare this, then, to what was done when HIV first appeared on the scene. It was the early 1980s and gay men were coming down with highly rare maladies, and doctors had just figured out that it was some kind of blood-borne illness.

The Centers for Disease Control wanted to shut down the bathhouses and sex clubs in major cities to prevent the spread of HIV. The gays went ballistic; the sex clubs and bathhouses stayed open, lots of gays continued to have promiscuous and unprotected sex...and a hell of a lot of people died of AIDS--including people who had never even had sex, let alone the kind of unprotected anonymous sex that typifies the "gay lifestyle", because they got HIV from blood transfusions.

We couldn't quarantine or otherwise restrict the freedom of people who had an incurable, untreatable, fatal disease in the 1980s, so why the hell can we forcibly quarantine people who have a disease which is fatal 1.2% of the time?

And not only that, we're not just telling people "Hey, you have to stay home"; no--we're telling them to report for confinement in a "quarantine facility"!

The jury still seems to be out on whether or not mandatory vaccination will be required. I refuse to be vaccinated for swine flu; the one time I got vaccinated for influenza I ended up getting sicker than a freaking dog.

All told it's a load of horseshit: the "epidemic" is relatively mild in industrialized nations, and the best way you can protect yourself from the flu is to wash your hands with soap and water.

* * *

I remember discussing why shouting down people you don't agree with is wrong. Although I don't like Nazis any more than the next person does, I realize that the First Amendment applies to all speech, particularly that which is noxious, because without the free exchange of ideas the entire foundation of our representative republic founders. Competition of ideas is the main feature of any democratic system, and it's vitally important that even the worst ideas get their fair hearing in public.

You don't have to listen, but you have to let them speak.

I want to clarify this: if you censor someone's opinions for any reason you are simply setting a precedent for censoring any opinion that is found to be inconvenient.

I bring all this up again because of this totalitarianist asshole.

Can anyone explain to me the fundamental difference in clowns making fun of Nazi asshats and this guy's statement: "Be civil but block. If they stand up and start asking questions, and you're in that area, simply stand up and start chanting 'health care now! health care now!" In both cases, someone who is attempting to engage in his right to free speech is being shouted down.

If you thought the clowns were okay, do you think the commie-lib I quoted above is also okay? Or do you think the commie-lib is a jerk?

The only difference is that the Nazis are douchebags. Sorry; that's not enough.

Freedom of speech means that everyone gets his say. And so I condemn this dictator wannabe the same way I condemn the clowns, because they're trying to silence opinions which differ from theirs.

Just remember: the most dangerous sentence you can speak in English is, "They shouldn't be allowed to say that."

* * *

"There’s no such thing as a fender bender, or a nick, with a motorcycle wreck."


At the latter link, we are told that while Andrew Fiscus was "riding on 49", somehow "the road got the best of him" and he had a wreck.

"The road got the best of him"? What the fuck does that mean, "the road got the best of him"? What the hell was he doing when "the road got the best of him"? How was he riding? Was he riding along at the speed limit when the road rose up and smote him with its mighty asphalt fist?

Reading between the lines of the posts on that page leads me to conclude the guy is in his early 20s at most. So you have a kid in his early 20s, riding a crotch rocket with a couple of friends--already I am forming a picture in my head of what likely happened, and it does not involve the dreaded asphalt elemental which I alluded to in a prior paragraph.

Young unmarried male, early 20s, on a very fast bike, with friends, no health insurance.

How fast was he going? What were the road conditions? What was he actually doing when "the road got the best of him"?

This is horseshit. Okay, I'm glad the guy lived through his motorcycle wreck, but come on, "the road" didn't do jack shit to this guy. Chances are, this kid was he hot-dogging along and doing something stupid when he lost control of his motorcycle.

* * *

Speaking of stupid people, today an asshat in a red Corvette tailgated me and then roared around me, cutting me off, because I wasn't accelerating fast enough for him.

I am so incredibly sorry that my red Escort cannot accelerate as fast as your bright red penis extension, you douchebag.

...then I saw him pull a very risky passing maneuver to get ahead of another car: on a two-lane highway with oncoming traffic.

Funny part: I went to the light in Crete and caught right back up with him. Moron.

* * *

A sobering look at what the KGB tried to do in the US.

Especially sobering is the penultimate paragraph:
Normalization is the final phase of "Ideological Subversion". It is the forced stabilization of the nation by communist forces in control. ‘Useful idiots' the true believers of Marxism, according the KGB, would be executed to end the undermining of government. This means all activists, propagandists, Marxist revolutionaries, progressives / liberals...everyone on the "left" whose political ideology hangs on the tenets of socialism (communism) would be removed from influence.
Just remember what happened to Trotsky.

Once the government has seized all control of everything, the "useful idiots" become superfluous and can be removed, and it happens every time a nation falls to this horseshit.

If it were to happen here, I can provide off the top of my head a list of who would end up getting the axe:

* actors
* homosexuals
* intellectuals
* journalists
* community activists/organizers
* artists

Notice that the groups on this list are predominantly liberal-leftist-communist. The problem is, many of them tend to be "independant thinkers" when it comes to anything other than politics, and most of them tend to support the idea of free speech. (At least, for them and theirs.)

Khmer Roughe, Pol Pot? Cambodia? Vietnam? China? Anyone remember these?

The very people who--right now--are actively supporting the idea of a Marxist United States are themselves going to become political liabilities should their dreams become a reality, and they don't even know it. They think, "We're part of the revolution! We'll finally have true freedom!"

And, like the other dupes in the examples I listed, they'll probably be surprised when they find themselves facing the firing squads.

* * *

I remember writing about this in this post:
Apparently dissent is no longer patriotic. From 1/20/01 through 1/19/09, it was patriotic to call the President names. As of 1/20/09, however, it is no longer patriotic to make fun of the President. Now we must serve the President.

What? Fuck that. The President works for the people, not the other way around.

And the video linked in that article? Barf city. A bunch of supercilious, unctuous celebrities spouting a bunch of syrupy garbage. Where was this attitude when Bush was in the White House? Instead of standing around and carping at each other about "Bushitler" doing nothing to fix the problems they saw with America, why didn't they put up or shut up?

Now they are pledging to do all sorts of things to make the world a better place, now that their guy is in the White House--did all these problems magically appear when Bush left? (If so, that's an argument for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment right there.) Or, in fact, are these people just so consumed with hatred for Republicans that they can't bear to do anything for their fellow man while a Republican is in the White House?

If that's so, it says an awful lot about how shallow these people really are--and that comes as no surprise to me whatsoever.
I don't think I need to add anything to that.

* * *

Last night I got the last piston into the engine. I also got some other little things taken care of; and I got the stuck bolt out of the oil pump. Today I bought a new bolt for the back plate, to replace the one that was stuck; and soon I'll go out there and do a little more work on the thing.

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