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#1711: Volt or Volvo?

If I were going to spend $40,000 on a car, it would not be a Chevy Volt.

Hell, I wouldn't buy the Volvo, either. I'd go buy myself a freaking Mustang GT and save $10,000.

* * *

Apparently Van Jones can't read all that well. "A source said Jones did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name."

Here's an idea, moron: if you're going to sign something, read it first.

I think it's more likely that Van Jones knew exactly what he was signing and is now trying to distance himself from it because it makes him look like the commie lunatic he is.

* * *

Funeral today.

See, my Aunt Bea died Tuesday morning. Monday afternoon my uncle and other aunt from that side of the family took her to the doctor's office. She was fine until they got her home; she handed the house keys to my uncle, who went to unlock the door; and when my aunt opened the car door and set the walker in front of Aunt Bea, Aunt Bea wasn't breathing.

Age 85, survived her husband by 10 years, went out like a light--I guess if you've got to go, there are worse ways.

They called 911 and the paramedics got her heart started, so they took her to the hospital; but she never regained consciousness and died around 5:30 AM on Tuesday.


Add to that a massive fight with the fiancee--not half an hour after I learned of my aunt's death, and before I could tell her about my aunt passing--and you make for a miserable freaking pair of days, which is why there was no post on Tuesday.

But now the aunt is buried and my fincee and I made up late Wednesday, so she went with me to the funeral today.

Fights in any relationship are inevitable. You can't avoid it. The important thing is your commitment to the relationship; disagreements can be dealt with.

* * *

Anime playlist!

Mermaid Forest TV
Vampire Princess Miyu TV
Ai Yori Aoshi
Rosario to Vampire Capu 2
Hatsukoi Limited

I'm going to miss K-On! when it's over. I really like that show, and the animation is so good it makes my head spin: the expressions that the girls get, even when it's a character reacting to another character's actions, are very well-executed.

For example, a hypothetical shot where Yui is talking about something with Mio in the same frame: Yui is the focus of the shot, so obviously she's animated, and her expression will change as she speaks. But Mio's expression will also change, if a change is warranted--and it will consist of a full reaction sequence, not just her eyes changing or her mouth opening.

I've only just started with Ai Yori Aoshi. I thought the first ep was a little weak, but then most of the cute girls haven't shown up yet.

* * *

Denying someone permission to raise the flag of a country with extensive human rights violations on White House grounds should be a no-brainer. But I bet the Obama administration will okay it. Morons.

* * *

Remember when Barack Hussein mentioned national health care in the context of the Post Office?

Ilana Mercer on what you can expect from the Post Office. Hint: it isn't good.

This is not what we should hope for in medical care.

* * *

Finally, Jeep quirk:

I needed to turn on my hazards for the funeral procession. I turned them on; the dash lights weren't blinking but I could hear the relay tripping. Mom got out and looked; the rear lights were going but the fronts (I could see the reflection in the tailgate of the vehicle in front of me) were not.

I switched on the left turn signal, and the left side blinker started to blink, and remained blinking when I shut it off.


So I tried the right side, and it did not remain blinking after I shut the signal off.

Somewhere along the way we hit a bump and then the right front blinker began working.

What the hell? Was this thing's electrical system designed by Lucas Electrics?

I know that the Jeep spent some time with its interior exposed to the elements: there's that hefty crease in the A pillar on the right side; the owner's manual is mildewed grey all 'round its perimeter; there are several "new car smell" "little trees" in strategic locations yet there is a slight mildew smell; and there are a few other little clues. I don't mind this; the thing weather-tight now, and whoever cleaned it up did a bang-up job because I had to infer that it had spent time exposed to the elements from the clues left behind. And everything works, anyway.

...except for the little quirks, like the front hazard flashers, I guess.

(Side note: the power window switches for doors other than the driver's door occasionally fail to work, but that's a problem with the design: my sister's Cherokee has the exact same problem. It's an issue with the "parental lock" button, the thing that keeps your kids from rolling down the windows.)

Anyway, it's not a serious problem; it's just kind of funny, really.

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