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#1714: So much for Van Jones. Hoody hoo!

He resigned on Saturday. Vox Day says, "WorldNetDaily's reporting has forced one communist out of the White House, which is a lot more than one can say for the Republican Party leadership, whose main accomplishment of late is forcing Republicans out of Congress."

Expect the Left to make a martyr of him.

* * *

Glenn Beck did not rape or murder anyone. That was a couple of Kennedys: Teddy killed Mary Joe Kopechne, and Michael raped a woman. (And reportedly likes to hit women. Nice guy.)

* * *

The current strain of H1N1 going around is not very likely to kill you, says Og, unless there is already something wrong with your immune system.

* * *

Michael Moore reportedly said his latest documentary was supposed to be "like a vampire movie", and you can bet that means it'll be entirely fictional.

"Capitalism is evil"?

Michael Moore clearly does not understand what the word "evil" means. Anyone who can look at the history of other economic systems and conclude they are somehow better than capitalism is clearly so thoroughly incapable of understanding simple concepts like death and suffering that he shouldn't be allowed to vote, much less make movies.

What sort of economy does Michael Moore propose to replace capitalism with, then? Communism killed 100,000,000 people in the 20th century. Is it superior to capitalism? Socialist economies pretend to "spread the wealth" but instead end up spreading poverty and misery, and for every single sob story you get from capitalism you can get ten from socialist economies. Are they superior to capitalism?

Meanwhile dickheads like Moore carp and complain about the inevitable failures of capitalism--which are no more preventable than the failures of other economic systems!--while quite literally making millions of dollars via the system they criticize. If Michael Moore was a true believer in the anti-capitalist nonsense he spews, he wouldn't be such a fatcat.

* * *

People are getting sick of unions.

* * *

Japan can resupply the International Space Station. Whoopee!

...another nail for the Obama administration to drive into Ares/Constellation's coffin.

* * *

Labor Day:

Last night the fiancee and I went to Chicago Heights to watch their Labor Day fireworks. I have to say, I was stunned by the display; I don't think I've ever seen one like that.

The display lasted 25 minutes. Partway through there was a fullisade of willow shells--more than I have ever seen fired at once--so that the sky was filled with golden streamers. (Willow shells are my favorite.) Then came this incredible barrage that I was certain had to be the grand finale--and it wasn't: the fireworks continued for another 10 minutes or so. There were so many shells in this barrage that the smoke from it began to obscure my view of the fireworks.

There was an incredible amount of color in the display, too--not just different colors but different shades, a huge array of yellows and reds and greens and blues.

Besides the aerial shells there were some "fountain" mortars--"mines", I guess they're called--and several times these fired off with all kinds of incredible effects, including crossette shells by the dozen. That looked like static on an analog TV after a couple of seconds!

It finished with these huge flaming report shells--not just the typical sulfur bomb that makes a bang you feel in your chest, but with an additional flame effect I've not seen before--and I think one of them blew up in its mortar, though I'm not sure how much was special effect and how much was real. It could easily have been planned that way.

Anyway, that display was awesome, and we had front-row seats thanks to the fact that her mother and stepfather live right across the street from the field where the fireworks were set off. We were probably about a quarter mile from the mortars at most.

I have to wonder if Chicago Heights' Independance Day fireworks were as spectacular? Or did the heavily Democrat town spend more on a left-wing holiday than on the right-wing one?

...yeah, I can't help but think about the politics.

* * *

Anyway, the weather is nice, and I want to do more work on the Escort engine. Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time job-hunting. *sigh*

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