atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1716: The economy is recovering!

Media is desperate to sell advertising time and space!

China is alarmed by the US running the printing presses! China thinks this will lead to a collapse in the value of the dollar! *scoff* They're just trying to spark fears of inflation!

Obama is making the same mistakes that were made by Democrats at the beginning of the Depression!

That's right, everyone: the stimulus worked (sez Joe Biden!) and Obama and the media are telling us the economy is getting better! So it must be! Everything is fine now because Obama says so!

...and if you think that, I have some wonderful land in Florida which I'm willing to sell to you and you alone at a bargain price!

* * *

Democrats want a "fee" on health insurance companies to pay for uninsured. Any time government says "this is a fee" just replace the word "fee" with "tax" and you will understand what government is actually doing: proposing a tax increase.

Government will raise taxes on health insurance companies--thus increasing the cost of health insurance--in order to pay for health insurance for those who supposedly cannot afford it.

* * *

Dennis further expounds on the sudden departure of Van Jones from his cushy "green jobs czar" office.

Van Jones: unda da bus.

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