atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1720: Good news!

ACORN won't be involved with 2010 census! least officially....

Via. Which must be read first in order to get the correct context: another two ACORN offices gave uncritical tax advice to the guy posing as a pimp with an underage string.

* * *

Tonight I basically finished assembly work on the Escort engine.

As it sits now, it needs only its exhaust manifold to be complete, and the exhaust manifold merely needs one frozen (and broken) bolt removed in order for it to be ready to go back on.

* * *

Unable to get all the Democrats in the Senate to vote for Obamacare, the Democrats are preparing to use a parliamentary trick to pass it with a simple majority instead of the usual required 60 votes.

Well...right now there aren't 60 Democrats in the Senate anyway, since Ted Kennedy died and Massachusetts must hold a special election to replace him.

And I have to engage in some schadenfreude at that: the Democrats in the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts changed the law in 2004 so that--had John Kerry won the Presidential election--Republican Mitt Romney would not have been able to appoint a Republican Senator.

Now the Massholes have a Democrat governor who would naturally appoint a Democrat to fill Kennedy's seat...but they never rescinded the law, so now the Senate Democrats are lacking that critical 60th vote and must resort to purely partisan tricks in order to get their greedy hands on the medical system.

'Cause if they wait until after Massachusetts' special election, their momentum will be gone.

The Democrats have decided that they are going to socialize medicine; did you actually think you had a say in this?

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