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#1721: What happened to Saturday?

I'll tell you what happened to Saturday: I slept a lot.

Thursday I had gut malf; Friday continued that trend at a reduced level. Saturday I went to "Park-a-palooza" with my fiancee--which I will discuss in a moment--and then ended up crashing hard after we got home from it. I slept for hours.

I played WoW and got really frustrated and angry at simple little things, and was wondering why? Then it dawned on me: doofus, you're getting over teh gut malf.


Anyway, "Park-a-palooza" was an event the town held. I'm not sure what the actual point was as the event went from 11 AM to 5 PM--six hours--and featured all of two bands. There was all kinds of heavy equipment there as part of the "Touch A Truck" feature of the event: bring your kids and let them touch a real truck! (Also helicopter, earth moving equipment, monster truck, fire engine, etc, etc.) They had hay rides, "beep baseball" (people playing blindfolded with a beeping ball) and various businesses had booths. because we have lives--well, my fiancee had something to do Saturday morning, anyway, related to her Avon stuff--we didn't get there until 1:30 in the afternoon, which was in the dwell period between bands. I didn't want to hang around for the second band, because it was going to be doing this inane-sounding "history of rock and roll" thing. We took one turn through the event and left.

What "Park-a-palooza" ended up being was an event for kids. Beth and I thought we'd be listening to a series of concerts due to the "-a-palooza" suffix, but it was more "park" than "palooza".

* * *

"History of rock and roll":

You know, when I was in junior high school--seventh grade, I think--they had a rock concert.

I don't remember all the details; all I remember is that the band set up in the gymnasium so there were no gym classes that day, and somewhere along the line there was a school-wide assembly, and the rock band presented "the history of rock and roll"...and it was pretty annoying.

They stessed that the concert that evening would not be anything like what they were doing in order to satisfy the "educational" requirements for the school assembly. (Good God y'all, we couldn't possibly have the kids be entertained at school for one hour out of the entire year!)

Anyway, having seen such a presentation once in my life, I don't feel the need to subject myself to another one.

* * *

Recall the fatal train wreck in which the engineer was texting someone and missed a "stop" signal? It turns out the guy was gay, and was texting a teenage boy at the time.

If he had been heterosexual, and had been texting a teenage girl at the time, he would have been widely excoriated as careless, a pervert, and a potential child molestor.

* * *

So Obama's slapping a 35 percent tariff on tires from China.

I'm kind of confused, though: I was under the impression that tariffs and taxes were the purview of Congress, not the Executive. I recall that--in the 1980s--when Ronald Reagan put a heavy tariff on Japanese memory IC's, we were told it was a terrible, terrible thing for him to do. So WTF?

In any case, this situation is a union payoff: the tires in question are cheap ones, meant to fill the "value" slots in many manufacturers' product lines. They wouldn't be manufactured in the US anyway, since our labor costs are pretty high.

In effect, what has happened is pretty simple: Obama has just raised the prices on tires. All by himself.

And he's pissing off China. All by himself.

* * *

So last night I finally bit the bullet and became a subscriber here, thus letting me have infinite anime goodness.

And I couldn't download any more than I could before. So I waited a while, played WoW, etc, and tried again...and still couldn't.

Getting annoyed, I checked my e-mail and learned that the payment had gone through, so what was the hold up? Was it because it was late on a Saturday night? know, that's how spoiled we are because of the Internet: it used to be that if you ordered anything on a Saturday night--other than food--the process wouldn't even start before Monday morning at the earliest. Even if you called it in to an organization with a 24/7 hotline, you still would end up waiting.

These days? From decision to purchase to activation in seconds, in about as much time as it takes for you to type in your credit card number and your address.

So after more dithering and checking their FAQ it turned out that the problem was happening because I had not logged in, not because the account had not been activated. It had been activated as soon as they got the payment notice from PayPal.

Pure PEBCAK. I'm telling you.

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