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I'm on Boortz's site and I've already got a full bar of tabs, so let's hit it.

Obama's new fuel economy standards, we are told, will increase the cost of new cars by $1,300 and it will "take just three years to pay off that investment".

Assume gas is $2.50 per gallon. Assume the car you buy hits the CAFE target of 35.5 MPG. In order to "pay off" that extra $1,300, you'll have to save 520 gallons of fuel per car.

It amounts to about 173 gallons per year. If you drive an average of about 1,000 miles per month, your old vehicle would have to have gotten about 23 MPG in order for that government-mandated $1,300 "investment" to pay for itself in three years. speaks volumes for this administration--and government in general--that when they actually come out with a reasonable claim, I still have to run the numbers to make sure they're telling the truth.

But I know there is a lie in there somewhere; it's probably that "$1,300 per car" claim.

* * *

Joe Wilson may have to pay a fine. The House of Representatives can vote to expel a member, but I have doubts about either side actually wanting to pull that trigger. It would open a huge can of worms.

* * *

Someone had better explain this one to me. Some European company wants to install mini gas-fired power plants in homes, and they claim this will reduce production of carbon dioxide?

First off, "economy of scale": a large power plant is more efficient than a small one, for a variety of reasons I don't believe I need to explain here. In other words, a huge coal-fired plant is going to produce fewer tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt than a small gas-fired generator in someone's basement.

Second, they're comparing apples and oranges when they talk about how a nuclear plant's "heat is wasted". With any large generating system you're going to be dumping heat, because you reach a point at which the steam is only useful for heating things and no more energy can be economically extracted from it. This gas-fired system replaces a home's furnace and hot water heater; one of its primary functions is to dump heat.

Third, and most pernicious: this thing will have to run in the summertime. You know, summer, when it's hot outside, and you want to run your air conditioner? You've got the furnace running while the AC is running, because you can't run the AC on rainbows, unicorn flatus, and good intentions!

How does it prevent the release of carbon dioxide when it has to run all freaking year?

* * *

This is the kind of car I like. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but I've liked this sort of thing since I was even aware that cars were interesting.

I drove a 1975 Chevrolet Impala from 1984 until 1990, and I loved that car. It was big, it was heavy, it was comfortable, it was awesome. (It got about 20 MPG, believe it or not. I should do a post on that car.)

* * *

Being gay is still the #1 risk factor for HIV/AIDS.

Gay and bisexual men account for half the new HIV infections in the US despite the fact that the LBGT community represnts about 5% of the total US population. Half.

I like this: "AIDS activists said this was the first time the CDC clearly stated with a concrete rate how the disease is impacting gay and bisexual men." Back in the 1980s the CDC wanted to shut down the sex clubs and the bathhouses where all sorts of promiscuous and anonymous gay sex was taking place, which had been positively identified as the source of HIV/AIDS infections. The homosexual activists of the day condemned and protested and sued, the sex clubs and the bathhouses remained open, and AIDS spread like wildfire through the gay community...ultimately killing most of the gay activists. Never forget this.

The stupidity of people: "They have never converted the numbers into a rate. If you ask 10 people in this room, it's likely only one person will answer correctly that white [men who have sex with men] are the hardest hit by HIV." If I had been one of those 10 people, I would have been the guy who got it right, because I knew this years ago.

It's like these people are saying, "Shazam! We didn't think of this! Holy crap, the primary risk group for HIV/AIDS, white gay men, are the most likely Americans to have HIV/AIDS! Holy shit!"

Morons! Screeching morons!

"So why won't the government move to close down 'gay' sex clubs and teach about the special dangers of homosexual sex in schools?" Let me say it again! They tried to do this back when it could have made a difference, and the gays had a screaming hissy fit about it.

We have a problem with HIV/AIDS because of the homosexual community and its unwillingness to take responsibility for its own behavior. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand the slightest thing about the germ theory of disease or basic human psychology.

* * *

Yes, it pisses me off when I recall that we could have stopped it--or at least limited its spread--but didn't, because a bunch of fudge packers didn't want the party to end.

* * *

It'll be a disaster, but not for his reasons. A Saudi prince is warning the US that "going green" will lead to disaster.

"Going green" will not help the environment, but it will make everything more expensive.

* * *

Sorry; protectionism is never a good idea when your economy depends on free trade. Like it or not, lassez-faire capitalism means that inefficiencies are weeded out by the marketplace. If labor costs too much in your country, and you wish to retain factory jobs, do something to decrease the cost of labor.

Getting rid of the unions would be a start.

* * *

Why would the US cover up Osama being dead? Come on, if Osama Bin Laden had been killed seven years ago, Bush would have trumpted it: "We got the fucker!"

This is the same administration which went into Iraq based on WMD intelligence, found out there were no WMDs in Iraq, and actually told us they hadn't found any WMDs.

Okay, Bush isn't President any longer; can we dispense with the Bush Derangement Syndrome stuff?

* * *

Americans are still worried about the economy.

80 percent say it's bad.

54 percent blame Bush.

The mainstream media still has some clout with the American public.

* * *

Classless people snigger at real diversity. Look! Those people aren't like me! I'll laugh at them because they're not like me!

Okay, yes: some of these people are stupid. And some of them are--gasp!--fat and they actually have the NERVE to go around being FAT in PUBLIC! HOW DARE THEY??

...though I like the camo-covered Beetle. (You'll have to look for it. Somewhere around page 17 or 18.)

* * *

So now they want to count government benefits as "income" when calculating the number of "poor" in the United States? Let me get this straight: if these turkeys get their way, you'll no longer be considered "poor" even if you're receiving WIC and welfare and all the other government benefits that people who earn less than a certain dollar figure are given.

That's the Democrat way of eliminating poverty: redefine it.

* * *

Media weenies are finally getting hep to reality: Obama's got to raise taxes.

Obama's not going to be able to--as he promised--lower taxes for 95% of the American people. It's fiscally impossible for our government to spend the kind of money it's spending and not raise taxes.

And it's going to be a tax increase on a hell of a lot more than the top 5% of earners, let me tell you. Again, it's fiscally impossible; you can't erase the deficit even by taxing the richest 5% at 100%, and in any event the richest 5% can take their earnings elsewhere to avoid
that kind of confiscatory tax burden. (They can do it in advance of the law going into effect; they're rich enough.)

The top 5% of wage earners in the US already pay about 50% of all taxes, anyway.

The middle-class represents the largest sector of untapped tax revenue, and it also represents the largest economic class in the country. (Not surprisingly, it's a bell curve, and the majority of wage earners are clustered near the middle.) These people will vote their pocketbooks; if you raise taxes on them, they will throw your ass out of office at the next election. (Recall what happened to George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992.)

We're getting pretty close to the limit of what people are willing to pay in taxes, and the government is demanding more. What will happen?

* * *

"Do these people ever get out of the house?"

Bernanke says the recession is "very likely over". But it's not; not when you've got 12% of the world's shipping capacity idle and official unemployment is near 10% (and real unemployment is likely closer to 16%).

Go ahead, Charlie; "leave it to the cables". Yeah. Then sit in your dressing room after the broadcast wondering why the hell your Arbitron numbers suck ass.

* * *

"Incivility is a consequence of non-punishment."

O yeah.

I have to post this image from /b/, a parody of Kanye West being a screeching moron. It's in pretty poor taste, but it's no worse than Kanye's entire existence, so WTF:

Hey, Kanye, do you like fish sticks?

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