atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1725: Engine is done.

That's right, the engine is finished. I can put one more part on: a crank sensor. Otherwise, there is nothing else I can add to it at the moment.

I finished f-ing with the exhaust manifold; after finding my bolt extractor stuff (finally!) I had a go at removing the broken bolt and failed miserably, so I said "F it!", tapped the hole, and called it good. It's nothing structural; it's for a bolt that holds on a heat shield. It doesn't need to be perfect.

When I got my drill press, it had this nifty laser crosshair thing to show you where the drill bit would hit. The day I assembled it, I put in the batteries which had come with the drill press and tried it, and it didn't work. I tried new batteries and still it didn't work. Tonight, just for the hell of it, I tried turning on the laser crosshairs, not even sure if there were batteries in it...and it worked. WTF--it didn't work when the thing was brand new right out of the box; now it does. WTFF. I got the transmission and put it on the bench and started doing stuff that needed doing with it. The bottom mount is shot; I'll need to order one. It needs a new neutral switch--I forgot to disconnect it when I removed the drivetrain and it broke the connector--and I discovered that the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is also shot.

The VSS in this transmission had never been removed before tonight; when it went in at the factory was the last time it moved relative to the trans case. I never checked the trans fluid level; it's not a maintenance item. (Look in the manual and show me the service interval for it. I could never find one.) There were no leaks; therefore I never bothered it.

...and it's good that I didn't, because the f-ing thing just came apart when I tried to remove it. The metal tabs holding the upper (plastic) part onto the lower (aluminum) part were broken off long before I touched the thing. Even if I hadn't needed to use a hammer, chisel, and screwdriver to get the damn thing loose it still would have needed replacing just because of that.

When someone tells you that aluminum doesn't rust, laugh in his face. Really. Aluminum is less prone to rust than steel is, but it still oxidizes. There was about 1/8" of corrosion holding that VSS in its bore.

When the new one goes in, it's getting plenty of anti-seize.

* * *

...and while trying to find the post on the drill press, I found this one. and got a LOL out of how I ended my discussion of Neverwinter Nights.

* * *

This is the true face of "the public option" Obama wants to shove down our throats.

* * *

I sure am finding a lot of interesting things in the back posts of the Fungus.

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