atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1730: Wow, the House voted to cut off ACORN, too.

Democrats say they don't know about the story but they're voting to cut funding to the President's favorite group. Interesting.

Of course, Obama must still sign the thing. It's win-win for Democrats: they can vote to cut off funding, thus making themselves look good, but Obama will veto the thing, thus continuing to fund ACORN.

Obama will veto it, and the legislature will fail to override the veto. Count on it.

* * *

I don't usually link videos.

This is a good video on global warming.

Go to about 4:45: the arctic ice cap melted in 1959.

* * *

Okay, Boortz points out that Ronald Reagan started the "czar" thing with a "drug czar". Clinton had three czars. Bush had four.

Obama has eighteen.

* * *

The results are in: the stimulus didn't work. It produced two temporary increases in consumption, but once the money was spent, consumption returned to its former levels.

Oh...good. That's very good. The money just frickin' disappeared without a splash.

* * *

A good editorial about Carter's "racist" charges. "...Carter of all people knows that racism does not explain Americans’ distaste for overweening liberalism: He’s the white guy who lost 44 states to Reagan."

* * *

A kitty who likes water:

My cat's highly similar. Turn the bathroom faucet on so a bare trickle of water is coming out and she'll spend hours batting at the water, even going so far as to bite at it. Her head and paws end up soaked.

Speaking of cats, Mom found a catnip plant in the back yard, and so my cats got some fresh "bud" today. Now they're happy.

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