atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1733: Juvenile

I was playing WoW the other day. Emwyn, night elf druid, advanced to level 22 just yesterday--in less than a week I put 10 levels on her. Not bad for a character I was thinking about deleting.

Anyway, I was running down some quests in Westfall when I came across another player who had a stupid character name:


Seeing that, I immediately knew I was in the presence of someone who is 15 years old. If he's not 15 years old in fact he at least has the mind of an adolescent.

"You did not 'do' Megan Fox," I said to myself. "Do you know how I know? It's Friday night and you're playing World of Warcraft, THAT is how I know." Yeah: anyone who had actually had relations with Megan Fox probably has something to occupy him on a Friday night, even if he's not actually with Megan Fox on that particular night. (Something other than playing WoW, that is.)

To be sure I have seen remarkably little evidence of such idiocy within WoW--far less than I would have expected, in fact, before I started playing it myself. Most of the time, young players actually come across as more mature than they are, to the point that I'm surprised when I discover that I'm in a group with a teenager or two.

I suppose that's why this incident is so noteworthy: there have been surprisingly few like it in my (so far) ten-month career as a WoW addict.

I did have an encounter with another player who--I realized in retrospect--was sneering at my choice of the druid character class for my night elf. He asked me if Emwyn was my first toon.

"Oh, a night elf druid; how conventional," one imagines him saying. You know what? Screw you, pal. I wanted a character with herbalism and it made sense to make the character a night elf because Teldrassil is practially choked with herb nodes. I took "druid" as a character class because I had seen druids kicking some serious ass. And you know what? Conventions exist for a reason. If you understand the backstory of the night elves it just makes sense that they'd tend to be druids.

Now, if you can't handle "conventional" I suggest you play a less-restrictive type of role-playing game. Maybe you can find someone who will let you run a half-dwarf paladin-assassin or something equally "unconventional". In the meantime, piss off, you elitist douchebag.

* * *

None of this keeps me from making my own juvenile comments, but usually I keep them to myself.

One example: every time I see bruiseweed and decide to loot the node--every time--I say, "I need that bruiseweed," and then add (in an old man voice) "More like dickweed! Haaahaah!!"

Yeah, it is juvenile. And the worst part is, it makes me laugh every time.

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