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#1735: When is a tax not a tax?


Glorious Leader has spoken! ObamaCare won't hike middle class taxes because Obama will perform an economic miracle! All we need to do is believe!

The third segment of this Eternity Road post gives the lie to this issue:
Outside the sphere of criminal law, there are only three recognized categories of coerced transfer of assets:

1. Tort: When one private party injures another, whether it's to the former's material benefit or not.
2. Taking: When a government exercises the power of eminent domain to compel the transfer of a specific private party's assets to itself.
3. Tax: When a government establishes a transfer of assets -- usually monetary -- to itself as a requirement imposed on all persons or institutions that engage in a defined activity.

So: How is levying a mandatory payment to the government upon all persons who decline to purchase medical insurance to pay a "fine" to the government not a tax?
How, indeed?

* * *

So let's have a look at the economic news:

Glorious Leader says the economy is better. It's a "jobless recovery", everyone, which I thought was economically impossible. But I don't know as much as Glorious Leader! After all, HE went to Harvard!

Tell that to people in California and Nevada, where unemployment has hit "record" levels. This article cites the official numbers, but if you figure unemployment the way the media reported it during the Bush administration you need to add about 6% to the numbers. Therefore, let us adjust the numbers given in that article to reflect the pre-Obama method:

Michigan: 21.2%
Nevada: 19.2%
California: 18.2%
Washington, D.C.: 17.1%
New Jersey: 15.7%
New York: 15%
Connecticut: 14.1%
National average: 15.7%

As you can see, we're in trouble.

In fact, we now have the same number of jobs we had in 1999. The same number of jobs exist, but there are more people who need jobs.

There is no recovery. GDP will appear higher in the 4th quarter of this year due to statistical juggling, but there will be no real economic growth. Next year should be quite interesting.


* * *

Institutionalized racism: black and hispanic kids will get a break from school administrators, but other races will not.

This is racism, pure and simple. Imagine how it would play if the adminstrators planned to discriminate against non-whites instead of against whites and asians.

It's also racist because it implies that blacks and hispanics cannot be held to as high a standard as whites and asians can.

* * *

Speaking of racism, "...some of the protests against President Obama are howls of rage at the fact that we have an African-American head of state." She's "sick of the code words".

Apparently when a liberal talks about "taking the country back" it's a prefectly acceptable rhetorical device, but when a member of the GOP says it, "...he is griping over the fact that this country's most powerful positions are no longer just for white men."

"I do not believe that everyone who disagrees with Obama is racist." Could have fooled me. "But racists do exist in this country, and they don't like having a black president."

Yeah, and there are other bigots in this country who didn't like having a Republican President.

At the base of all this, though, is the fact that Democrat strategy is failing and they are not getting what they want, primarily because of schisms within their own party. To deal with this situation, their playbook has always prescribed playing the race card, and--until now--it has never failed them. "We'll have to call our opponents racists! That'll fix them! They'll fall in line!" But they are not falling in line; liberals have gone once too often to the "racism" well, and it's going dry.

The fact that our President is black has nothing to do with opposition to his policies, and everything to do with why crying "Racist!" is not getting much traction outside of the D.C. beltway and the media:

Libs: "You oppose ObamaCare because you're racist!"
US: "We elected a black President. STFU." expected.

* * *

"Barack Obama is an eloquent, brainy and likeable man with a fascinating biography. He is not George Bush. Those are great qualities. But they are not enough to lead America, let alone the world."

That's the lede for this article. The headline: "President Barack Obama is beginning to look out of his depth".

Believe me, guys, this is not the "beginning". The "beginning" came about ten months ago, when I dubbed him "Boss Tweek" because the stress of the transision was giving him a facial tic.

The lede does lay out the entire reason Boss Tweek is President, though: he comes across as charming, eloquent (as long as he has a working teleprompter!) and brainy, and he isn't George Bush. The media didn't bother to worry about his qualifications for office, and only now is his utter lack of executive experience becoming obvious to those who championed his elevation.
He is tackling all the big problems: restarting Middle East peace talks, defanging Iran and North Korea and a "reset" of relations with Russia. But none of them are working.

Regimes in Moscow, Pyongyang and Tehran simply pocket his concessions and carry on as before. The picture emerging from the White House is a disturbing one, of timidity, clumsiness and short-term calculation. Some say he is the weakest president since Jimmy Carter.

The grizzled veterans of the Democratic leadership in Congress have found Mr Obama and his team of bright young advisers a pushover. That has gravely weakened his flagship domestic campaign, for health-care reform, which fails to address the greatest weakness of the American system: its inflated costs. His free trade credentials are increasingly tarnished too. His latest blunder is imposing tariffs on tyre imports from China, in the hope of gaining a little more union support for health care. But at a time when America's leadership in global economic matters has never been more vital, that is a dreadful move, hugely undermining its ability to stop other countries engaging in a ruinous spiral of protectionism.
That's right: he's a shitty President. From the time of the first primaries, Republicans were trying to warn you assholes that Barack Hussein Obama would be a shitty President, and none of you wanted to hear so much as a single syllable spoken against your fair-haired boy.

"What, exactly, did 'Change you can believe in'--the hallmark slogan of his campaign--actually mean?" The article asks.

You should have asked that question last year. Asking it now is approximately equivalent to locking the barn door after all the livestock has escaped: it doesn't do anyone any damn good at all. We tried to make the point that Obama was an empty suit, but you wouldn't hear of it and did your damnedest to protect him and make sure he got elected.

So now we have a shitty President who is making shitty decisions, who is going to take a shitty situation and make it even shittier than it was to begin with, and we can't even laugh at you assholes because we're right there in the shitter with you.

* * *

"Obama denies Russia dictated missile decision", but removing the missile shield from Europe was exactly what they wanted, wasn't it?

"Russia had always been paranoid about this, but George Bush was right, this wasn't a threat to them," Obama said. It's a defensive system! Of course a defensive system isn't a threat!

That's like reassuring someone that your seat belt isn't a garrote, for Christ's sake.

The system wasn't a threat to them, but we have to dismantle it anyway because Russia doesn't like it? WTF.

* * *

What do Chinese pig farmers know that we don't? They're stockpiling copper and nickel--why? The article says it's a hedge against inflation, which makes good sense, but why do the Chinese need such a hedge?

Gee, could it be all the government spending that's going on over there?

* * *

A leading European global warming proponent has concluded that the Earth is cooling. This should be big news, but of course our media is ignoring the story because it doesn't fit the template.

The about-face comes from the fact that our oceans are cooling, not warming; and if global warming were taking place the oceans would have to be warming; the Laws of Thermodyamics demand it.

* * *

I need this. It's D&D-themed Jones Soda. I'm all over this. I must get me a 12-pack. Assuming I do, I'll report on what everything tastes like, particularly the "Illithid Brain Juice" flavor.

LOL at "Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer" tho.

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