atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1736: Incredibly stupid policy suggestion

US should shoot down Isralei planes that fly over Iraq to bomb Iran. Big surprise: this is coming from the moron who advised Jimmy Carter on national security.

He holds up the Carter administration's foreign policy as a model for Obama's:
For example, the Carter administration, which is sometimes mocked, by [this time in 1977] had in motion a policy of disarmament with the Russians, which the Russians didn't like, but eventually bought; it had started a policy of normalization with the Chinese; it rammed through the Panama Canal treaty; and it was moving very, very openly toward an Israeli-Arab political peace initiative.

Let's tally these, shall we?

Disarmament with the Russians: Failed
Normalization with the Chinese: Actually started by Nixon
Panama Canal treaty: bad idea
Israeli-Arab political peace initiative: Failed miserably

Now this moron is suggesting it would be a good idea to shoot down jets belonging to our only ally in the region? What the fuck is this moron smoking?

Considering the incipient anti-semitism of the left in this country I suppose I should not be surprised at this; but I can't help but be shocked when someone over the age of 18 makes such an incredibly stupid statement in public.

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