atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

I have lost brain cells thanks to this.

Today at work I saw the following product:

"Skinny Water" is the name of the stuff. The web site says that it's "100% natural European artesian water" but then it adds that the stuff contains something they call "CitraMax" which apparently keeps the body from converting carbohydrates into fat.

Okay, so obviously the bottle contains 100% water and some additional percentage of other stuff, for a grand total of more than 100% contents? Do I have that right?? Am I mis-reading something?

Anyway, the worst part of it is that a 6-pack of 500ml bottles costs...


...which is $1.33 per bottle. (I used "calc.exe" to verify this. I had to. Re-read the thread title.)

So: we have high-priced water which supposedly makes you lose weight. Do I understand this? You drink three bottles of this stuff per day and you somehow magically lose weight? Of course you do! Your wallet gets a lot thinner!

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