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#1750: Let's talk about tattoos!

The last few lines of this Boortz post are wholly endorsed by Atomic Fungus:
No woman anywhere at any time has ever enhanced her appearance with the addition of a tattoo. And for you fat chicks out there. Those ankle tats don't take off one ounce.
He's right.

I'm seriously anti-tat anyway, because I think it's stupid to mark your skin, but in the case of women it's even worse. Okay, Jessi Combs (who used to be on Extreme 4x4) is really cute, and I love the fact that she can build engines and weld and stuff, but her tattoos are a huge turn-off for me.

* * *

People getting government-paid health care who could afford their own health insurance, but don't. I'll quote the part Boortz did:
The following items were commonly seen on patients or carried by their dependent children, who were also covered by subsidized programs:

* Cell phones and "BlackBerry" PDAs, including just-released models with a price tag of $400, plus an ongoing monthly service fee of $65-$150
* iPods and portable DVD players
* GameBoys and handheld electronic games
* Artificial fingernails requiring maintenance every two weeks at a cost of $40-$60 per salon visit
* Elaborate braided hair weaves, $300 per session plus frequent maintenance
* Custom-designed body art, including tattoos covering the entire torso, neck and arms, as well as body jewelry piercing every skin surface imaginable-and a few unimaginable ones. Custom tattoo work, particularly the "portrait-type" and "half sleeve" art popular in this area, runs from $100-$300 per hour and can require up to 20 hours of work, depending on the complexity of the design.
If you can afford a $400 cell phone, you should not be receiving public health supplements.

Another good quote:
A friend of mine sells private health insurance plans. He told me of the 39-year-old father of two whose family was quoted a monthly insurance premium of $250.

"Are you kidding?" he said, refusing the coverage. "That's almost as much as my boat payment!"
It's all well and good to own a boat, but you really ought to be taking care of your own damn basic needs first.

($250 per month for three people? Or four? I'm paying $150 per month for my insurance; $250 for a parent with two children is a damn good price!)

* * *

Looks like the VAT idea is coming to a Congress near us.

Obama campaigned on not raising taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year, but a value-added tax will affect everyone, rich or poor. Meanwhile it will make everything more expensive, suck more money out of the economy, and suppress economic growth.

The Democrats need such a tax increase in order to finance all the bullshit they're trying to ram through; otherwise the deficits will be unsustainably high. They also need a way to keep Social Security solvent, because that little Ponzi scheme is about to go belly-up--and if they lose Social Security, the Democrats lose their political levers.

* * *

Indians want to sell coal; eco-nuts want them not to.

* * *

Orson Scott Card has written his first editorial in 7 months. Finally!
You'll notice that I have no qualms about insulting the extremists of the Left, but that's because there is no way to win them over anyway. They are incapable of learning or even listening; they are contemptuous of logic or evidence; having learned all the things that "smart people" say, they just go on saying them without any sign that they are actually aware of the utter vapidity of their own dogmas.

* * *

I hit the hay pretty early last night, but I only slept for a few hours. After waking up around 2 AM I wasn't able to sleep any more, so I watched more of the anime playlist.

...I really need to go through the anime directory and figure out WTF I've watched and haven't watched, and start making backups again. Besides, there's only 74 GB left on the 500 GB drive, and I'm going to need to make space for more stuff.

I can't justify buying a 1 TB drive right now, and if I did buy a new drive I would have to replace one which is already in the machine. I only have three hard drive bays in this thing.

This is the major disadvantage of buying a "budget" machine.

I wouldn't mind replacing the remaining 160 GB drive with a 1 TB drive, but as I said I can't justify buying a new HD right now. After I get a job, maybe then.

...and part of me is thinking, WTF, after I get a job, go ahead and build a freaking RAID box with a shit-ton of storage space and RAID error-recovery niftiness. Fill it with enterprise drives and get a gigabit ethernet switch to let any computer access it. Dump all the damn anime to that thing and let it be the anime server.

I've thought about having that kind of setup for years and never got anywhere with it, damn it.

Still, something has to be done, because I can't keep stuffing hard drives in this beast. And so I'll probably start dumping anime to data DVDs.

* * *

I can't believe it's October already.

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