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#1756: CNN defends Obama from SNL

This is all over the blogosphere, but I'm gonna put in my $0.02.

ET gives his take. ET is a fellow gunblog conspirator.

Both CNN and Yahoo have jumped on the SNL skit, and it's pretty pathetic to see alleged journalists rushing to defend the President.

As for the facts? The skit is dead-on; Obama has done (or, rather, failed to do) everything mentioned in the skit. The larger message of the skit is, "Obama's not socializing the United States; he'd have to do something to make that happen."

The skit itself made me laugh in spots, but it was not a very good impersonation of Obama.

Read this Anchoress post starting from "UPDATE I" for good discussion of the issue.

ET and the Anchoress get the gist of CNN's reaction: "It was hilarious when it was a Republican because you were showing people what they were really like. But that's not Obama! It's not Obama's fault things aren't getting done! Stop being mean to him! He's doing his best!"

In fact, the skit lays out the A-number-one reason Obama's farthest-reaching schemes are failing: Congress. As the actor points out, Obama could make just about anything happen if he can get Congress to vote for it, as Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

The Democrats can't agree on what ObamaCare should look like; those in safe seats and who are not facing re-election in 2010 are vastly more supportive of socializing medicine than those who must work to retain their incumbencies. They also know that cap-and-tax is an immensely unpopular idea. The Democrats face losing control of Congress; in an off year the party which controls the White House always loses seats, and Congress knows it is already vastly unpopular with the American public.

This is the elephant in the room: the last thing the mainstream media wants is for Obama to look like he can't command the Democrat party; it makes him look weak. But the fact is, he can't. He can't make all the Democrats in Congress vote for his ideas, and they therefore won't pass without some Republican support. And the Republicans are, thankfully, letting this crap be all-Democrat, all the time.

(I have to wonder how long that will last. My, I've gotten cynical....)

So CNN rushes to his defense when someone points out that Obama is not getting anything done.

The funny part of this, though, is that the worst thing you can do is to take satire seriously. If someone cracks a joke about you, and you jump up and shout "THAT'S NOT TRUE!" it makes people wonder if there is more than a little truth behind the joke.

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