atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1757: Cleaned

I got the bellhousing in the Escort transmission cleaned today.

First I hit it with engine degreaser. I put on nitrile gloves and rubbed it into the caked-on grease-and-clutch-dust, which nicely loosened the guck. Then I swabbed out the thing with paper towels, removing all the excess; and lastly I hosed it down with brake cleaner to get the residue.

It's clean now. You could eat off the thing. now the only thing holding me back is getting a few miscellanious small parts and getting the flywheel resurfaced. Once that's can go back together.

And then, into the car.

It's only been, what, two months? *sigh*

* * *

Solar shingle is 10% efficient. In other words, of the kilowatt per square meter of peak solar insolation you can expect at noon on a cloudless day, you will get 100 watts of electricity per square meter.

Cover your roof with these things and let 'em spend all day charging batteries, and you'll have enough power to run your toaster...for five minutes.

Okay, not really: for an average house you'll have a peak output of 12 kW around noontime. Figure that you'll probably get a grand total of about 0.6 of that for all day (assuming no clouds all day, and a nice long summer day, say June 20) it makes 7.2 kilowatt-hours, which is enough to run your 55" plasma-screen TV all day. It's not enough to run your air conditioner, unless you have a weenie window unit and keep only one room cool.

Storing that power in batteries adds more conversion ineffeciency, which means you store even less than 60% of 10% of total solar insolation.

Still not cost-effective....

* * *

Speaking of "not cost-effective":

The Medicare version of the $400 hammer.

Paying $7,200 to rent a machine which costs $600. Jesus.

* * *

Having discovered that there is a ship which goes from Menethil to Howling Fjord, I logged in as Amaleni this morning to give that a try.

I played for hours, and Amaleni finally got to 71st level. Howling Fjord is where I should have gone first, rather than the Borean Tundra.

I also got hammered with spam while playing. I reported every last one of the bitches, too. Ha, ha.

* * *

Getting ready for engine swap department:

I moved the Fiero to the north side of the driveway. Could I just hook a spare battery to the failing one and have it work? Oh no, I had to jump-start it. *sigh* But it started, and I shuffled all the cars around; now the driveway looks a little neater and the Jeep is up on the level part, so I can now do some maintenance items it's been needing.

When it's time, the Escort will go where the Jeep is now, and I'll have complete access to car and tools with plenty of room for maneuvering stuff around.

* * *

I don't even remember what time I got up this morning. Maybe I ought to go to bed....

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