atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#176: Vapid

In general I think Sex and the City (S&C) is an utter waste of time, money, film, and videotape.

The series is about a bunch of stupid, shallow women, who live stupid, shallow lives. The problems faced by the women in the series are the problems of stupid, shallow people.

Why do I know this? I have done my utmost to avoid seeing that show, after all, having guessed from the start that it was utterly worthless. I was proud of the fact that I had never sullied my visual cortex or my frontal lobes with any knowledge of that show whatsoever. So why?

Well, one of the women at work is a fan of it. She takes her break at 10 PM, and she comes into the break room and turns on S&C on channel 9.

The ultimate expression of S&C's utter worthlessness was the crisis presented on an episode which was shown a couple of weeks ago.

Carrie, talking to one of her friends, discussing an event of earth-shattering importance in her sex life:

"I farted."

...and she was worried that it would ruin her latest relationship.

I mean...SO WHAT?

Is her boyfriend under the delusion that women never pass gas? Is the guy himself so shallow and stupid that such a situation would force him to re-evaulate his relationship with her? I mean, c'mon, would a little flatulence even register?

What the hell. They're in bed, going at it like bunnies, and farp--what's he going to do? Stop?

I can't imagine caring enough about these silly hens to make that show into "appointment TV". The stupid girls want the good-looking sexy guy with all the money and style and the perfect personality. Well, wouldn't a "perfect personality" include the understanding and acceptance of the fact that women have to cut the cheese, too? And that sometimes it happens "during"?

But wait! Carrie floated an air biscuit while she was having sex with her beau! Call out the National Guard! Alert the media! It's a disaster of epic proportions and we must spend half an hour mulling the consequences of her flatulence! Will he leave her? Won't he? WHAT SHOULD WE DO?


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