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#1764: When the lefties insult you, you're winning.

Stack of Michelle Malkin links:

"This is what a 'big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick' looks like." Anyone who thinks Michelle Malkin resembles a "big mashed-up bag of meat" needs new eyes; she's smokin' hot.

And I have to quote the hate mail she posted: "You are a disgrace to Black people. I’m sorry .That’s right . You’re not black." SIC, I say, because it just cut-and-pasted it from her article. I don't think Michelle Malkin has ever claimed to be black. She's a Filipina; last time I checked that was an asian country, not african....

Olbermann's response to Malkin's story about Hilary Clinton's Chinatown donations consists, in its entirety, of making fun of her maiden name and incorrectly asserting that she's supporting the party of racism and profiling.

And here she discusses Limbaugh's participation in a bid to buy an NFL team. The racist quotes which various people attribute to Limbaugh are, in fact, entirely false. Anyone who honestly listens to Limbaugh with an open mind will realize that the man's not a racist.

Look: the guy's been on national radio since 1988 and was big in the Sacramento market for years before that. His success as a conservative commentator has made him a big target for all that time; if he said something racist people would have jumped on it at the time it was said.

If indeed he were racist, there would be--by now--actual real racist quotes, and these people would not have to invent them.

And here's another post from Ms. Malkin on the White House's war on Fox News.

* * *


For socialized medicine horror stories, this one takes the cake.

Short form: soldier needs lungs. Soldier gets double lung transplant. Lungs turn out to have come from someone with a 2.5 pack-per-day habit and are cancerous. Soldier dies about a year later from lung cancer.

It's one thing to use the lungs of a smoker; it's quite another thing to use lungs which are cancerous. WTF.

* * *

"Bladeless fan" isn't really bladeless. I read this article to see how Dyson's latest invention moves air without some kind of propellor-like device. Considering that I am pretty current with my scientific knowledge, and that I had heard nothing about ways of moving air which did not involve some kind of spinning, bladed device, I was not surprised to learn that this thing breaks no new ground.

There is a fan, in the base of the thing, which sucks in air and moves it into the big circular airfoil-ring-thingy. The air comes out of a slit in the airfoil and it pulls more air along with it. it's not really a bladeless fan. There is one, in the base, and this thing merely uses some aerodynamic tricks to "amplify" its output. It's cool, but $300 worth of cool? No.

You can go to any "big box" store--at least in the summer months--and pay $12 for a conventional box fan. Even if you run that fan 24/7 until its motor burns out, you will not use $288 worth of electricity; a typical box fan uses about $0.25 of electricity per day, so you can run that fan continuously for three years before you've spent $300.

Speaking as someone who uses such a fan year-round as a noise-making device to help him sleep, I know what I'm talking about.

* * *

I just don't get it department:

I'm a big-time believer in the "pay as you go" cell phone. Okay, so you don't have the latest features; being the kind of person who simply wants a device for making and receiving phone calls, though, that's perfectly fine with me. You pay some low price for a phone, and you pay about $7 per month for the service.

I do, anyway. I buy a 60-minute airtime card every three months. It costs $20 for that card, and it gives you 90 days of service. Since I make very few calls on this thing, and the minutes roll over, the time accumulates.

Tomorrow was the deadline for adding minutes; else I would have lost my phone number and had to reactivate the phone, which is a pain in the ass. And I got a promo code in my e-mail for 20 bonus minutes, so I got off my ass and bought airtime.

Okay, a 60-minute card plus 20 bonus minutes, that's an extra 80 minutes added to my total.

Web site: "140 minutes added". Eh? "60 minute airtime card, 80 bonus minutes". WTF?

And no explanation for why I got 80 bonus minutes instead of 20, either.

I have to assume that they know WTF they're doing, because at what I just paid for airtime they simply gave me another $20 worth of airtime out of nowhere.

I now have 729 minutes' worth of talk time. That's more than twelve hours.

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