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#1767: Tired of the tundere

Asu no Yoichi is a pretty good series, but I am really coming to hate Ibuki.

Ibuki is the series' tsundere'kko and she's got a serious hair trigger; and the more I see of it, the more I hate the character, because she really is a bitch.

Example: in the most recent episode I watched, Ibuki and her younger sisters are going to take a bath at an onsen. Yoichi has left his room to take a walk when he runs into the yukata-clad girls.

Chihaya (my fave character in the series) mischievously invites Yoichi to bathe with them; Yoichi gets a nosebleed...and Ibuki hisses, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" and beats the shit out of him.

Yoichi wasn't thinking about bathing with the girls before Chihaya said anything--it hadn't even occurred to him--and as a young man who spent his entire prior life in the mountains without any female companionship, it's natural that such a suggestion as Chihaya's would get him in a lather.

To understand my reasoning on this, take the sexual component out of it: Chihaya says, "Hey, Yoichi, pink elephant!" And then Ibuki beats the crap out of him for thinking about pink elephants. You see?

In an earlier episode, a girl falls from a tree and does a crotch plant on Yoichi's face, and Ibuki beats the shit out of him. WTF, that's not his fault!

I'm really getting tired of the tsundere'kko schtick as played in Asu no Yoichi; it's the same sort we saw in Love Hina, Girls' Bravo, and the Amaenaideyo! series: some bitch with a hair trigger who beats the shit out of a guy "for being a pervert" even in situations which are not his fault.

It's not funny.

Okay, are there funny tsundere'kko moments? Of course there are; just not in this series. Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura contain a whole slew of them; and they're humorous because the hapless protagonist more-or-less deserves what he's getting: Ataru is a lecher and is always trying to run around on Lum; Ranma is a bit coarse and insensitive to Akane's feelings.

But a guy getting beaten senseless because he had a girl fall on him? It's not funny, not even potentially.

Unfortunately I can't think of a single recent series with a tsundere'kko that I've liked, with one exception: ToraDora!. Taiga is considered a tsundere'kko, but I never saw her deliver a beat-down on anyone who didn't deserve it, one way or another. She certainly didn't pound on a guy because she assumed he thought something dirty.

I'll finish watching Asu no Yoichi, though, because I like all the other characters except Ibuki. Chihaya is my favorite.

* * *

ET does a more thorough debunking of that idiotic graph which supposedly "proves" that Bush spent us into the huge deficits we're seeing now. The graph shows the surplus of the Clinton years, then shows projections for 2003 and 2004. The thrust of the graph is to show us how fiscally irresponsible Republicans are, and how it was all Bush's fault that we have such a huge deficit now.

I pointed out, here, what was wrong with that assertion; but ET did a much better job.

* * *

Fortunately, October 15 passed this year without major incident. I was worried. The way the fast few months have been, do you blame me?

* * *

So ABC is poised to broadcast a remake of V.

I'm on the fence about this one. I have never had occasion to discuss my problems with the original V miniseries, and the...extrusions...which followed; so let's have some fun: I'll talk about all the stuff in the original which I hated, and you can assume that I'm hoping the new version will fix at leas the most egregious violations of science; okay?

In the original version, it turned out that the aliens were after Earth's water. There's no quick and easy way to explain everything that's wrong with this premise, so it's going to take some time.

Water is everywhere. You don't need to come to Earth to get water. If you need to come to the solar system at all, you can stop in the Oort Cloud. The Oort Cloud is estimated to be about 40 earth masses, and it will be 99% hydrogen compounds; given fusion technology you're going to have enough fuel to make water from what you find out there. If you've got the technology to do interstellar travel in those huge flying saucers (and you can economically "park" them over major cities, inside the atmosphere) you're going to have the technology to mine the Oort Cloud for water.

But let's say you've exhausted the Oort Cloud and you still need more water. (!) Then there are four planets in our solar system which are made--again--entirely of hydrogen compounds, and from which you could extract water without too much effort: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If you can make a several megaton ship hover in a 1g field for months at a time, you have enough gravity control to make mining a gas giant economically feasible.

That represents a lot of water, right there; literally hundreds of earth masses of water. (I mean the whole planet, by the way, not just the mass of water on the Earth's surface.) The water on Earth's surface would represent a drop in the bucket, so to speak.

The advantage of getting water from these various celestial bodies would come from the lack of any need for stealth or misdirection: they could just drive up to a comet, latch on, and start processing the thing for water. And if you can build spaceships the size of cities, a little thing like zero-gravity industry should already be well within your capabilities.

So much for that. But there's more: sauroid aliens in body suits. The aliens were lizards in disguise; and when you saw a lizard, its facial structure hardly resembled the human face. The big "eew!" moment early in the original miniseries was when the hot alien spokeswoman ate a guinea pig, and her lower jaw streeetched 'way out so she could stuff the thing into her maw.

The aliens were also, somehow, gene-compatible with humans. One of the plot arcs revolved around a teenaged girl who got knocked up by a lizard, and she ended up having twins. One was a normal human baby; the other was a lizard. WTF?

...and the scene where the babies were delivered by caeserian section--the human baby is taken out, okay; then the lizard baby does this jack-in-the-box thing where it rises out of the incision looking all green and evil and lizardy while the doctors and nurses recoil in horror. It was pretty ludicrous.

In fact, the entire franchise was ludicrous. Problem is, when the thing was first broadcast, the only SF show on television anywhere was classic Trek. End of list. (This was back before there were cable networks, by the way.

I am thinking about watching V because of Battlestar Galactica. The original version of BG was pretty lousy. (I loved it at the time. Then again, I was ten.) But the version which completed broadcast earlier this year was fantastic, not just as a TV show but as science fiction. If V can only go half as far along the path taken by BG it will make for a worthwhile show.

But I'm not going to hold my breath. It's not the way to bet.

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