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#1769: Removing a link from the blogroll.

Holly takes exception to a tee shirt.

The point is often made about the racism inherent in "black power", the Congressional Black Caucus, the black-only events and organizations: if you replace "black" with "white", how would they feel? Blacks are permitted to be racist in this fashion; whites are not. "Black power" evokes images of the civil rights movement, but "white power" merely evokes images of skinheads.

Exhibitions of "gay pride" end up being showcases of perversion. This doesn't bother Holly, who self-identifies with her blog title, "Pervocracy", but it does bother the majority of people. About 5% of the population is homosexual; and the sexual practices of that 5% run the gamut from the unusual to the outrageous and disgusting. (Examples here, which is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Also here.)

The so-called "homosexual lifestyle" brings with it a higher prevalence of STDs, drug abuse, suicide, clinical depression, and pedophilia; if gays can be proud of this, why can't straights be proud? Why can't straights be proud of being normal? (5% of the population is gay--that means 95% isn't. That disparity is large enough to say gay is not normal.)

And when I say "higher prevalence" I mean just that. Take pedophilia for example: a certain percentage of the total population is pedo; but if you look at just homosexuals, you find that the concentration rises quite a bit, from a percentage low in the single digits to well into the double digits. (Exact numbers elude me. I recall the former number being around 3-5% and the latter number being around 25-30%.)

Do I need to reiterate the whole bit about HIV/AIDS? And HIV is just one STD; there's a very high prevalence of the bacterial STDs in the gay community; also herpes, and hepatitis in its various forms.

What is there to be proud of?

So let's try a little experiment:
Gay Pride.
I saw a little boy today wearing a "Gay Pride" sweatshirt. He was maybe 10 or 11. Shit, you don't even know if you're gay at that age. I hate to think of how Dad and Dad explained it to him and convinced him to wear it in public. I kind of wanted to confront them, but shit, what do you say? They'd write me off as a crazy breeder and consider their worldview confirmed. Sigh.

(I support gay pride in the strictly literal sense that I think you should take pride in whoever you are. But I don't think it was intended as a statement of joy and inclusivity.)

EDIT: Rrrgh. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. Not just at the whole heterophobia thing, but the superiority thing, and the impossibility of talking to someone with an "us vs. the world" mindset, knowing that there's literally nothing you can say--they'll only class you as part of the straight world that they're better than.
Having seen a little boy wearing a "gay pride" tee shirt would not have angered Holly one bit. Why do you suppose that is? After all, if you don't know whether or not you're straight at age 11, it means you also don't know if you're gay. Right?

Technically, she should be as outraged at an expression of "gay pride" worn by an 11-year-old as she was at an expression of "straight pride", and for the same reasons she gives.*

But she's not. In fact, all of her anger comes entirely from her own thoughts and reactions to the shirt, not from any real interaction with the family in question. She assumes the family is "homophobic"; she assumes they have a feeling of superiority; she assumes the "us vs. them" mindset; and it demonstrates that Holly herself is a bigot: an anti-straight, anti-"vanilla" bigot.

This most recent post of hers makes that pretty obvious, even to me. Having read the entirety of her blog I was frequently turned off by her casual use of the term "vanilla" for people who don't practice BDSM (as she does), but I had shrugged it off as being descriptive despite the sense of casual disdain her use of the term connoted ("vanilla" equals "bland and uninteresting and boring") because it seemed like easy shorthand. Now I'm not so sure; the very bigotry she imagines in the family which prompted her tirade exists, in fact, right where she's sitting: it's merely of the opposite polarity.

And so I'm removing Pervocracy from my blogroll.

*Knowing the statistics on the prevalence of pedophilia among homosexuals, I would be worried for that little boy wearing the "gay pride" tee shirt, with his two daddies.

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