atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1778: Someone needs to study history

In the comments for this article someone said:
My Gawd! Has any one person been as wrong about so many things as SimpSy? He shoots his mouth off about the Nazis, without knowing they were the exact opposite of socialist; he can't figure put what health reform is all about;...
Nazis were "the exact opposite of socialist"?

"Nazi" is an abbreviation of "National Socialist German Workers Party". Hitler and the Nazis were just fine with communists and socialists...until Hitler attacked Russia. Only then did Hitler become a skunk in their eyes.

Nazism is socialism with a wrapper of nationalism; socialism is an economic system which concentrates power in the hands of government.

The only difference between fascism and socialism is who owns industry. In socialism, it's owned and controlled by the government; in fascism, it's owned by private individuals but all aspects of the industry are controlled by government. End result, regardless: government runs industry.

ObamaCare seeks this kind of control over our medical system. Draw your own conclusions from that.

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