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#1783: Scrubbed.

This morning, in the middle of my perusal of the usual anime series, I recalled that 8 AM EDT was go time for Ares X-1 and tuned in to the NASA channel, channel 283 on DirecTV.

I got there just in time for their scheduled 20-minute hold, which turned into a two-hour hold. No biggie; I waited.

And waited.

When they finally decided they were going to launch the thing, they had trouble removing a tear-away cover for an instrument probe; it wouldn't come loose and it took them about five minutes to determine that pulling harder on its lanyard wouldn't damage the probe, and another five of increasingly spirited tugging to dislodge the thing. If I understand the situation, the probe was at the very top of the faux escape tower, which is far above any of the launch pad structures; they couldn't just climb up there and remove it.

...the pad rats got clear, the count resumed, they were at T-2:39 and some moron driving a cargo ship blundered into the range, fouling it and forcing a recycle to T-4:00.

If it hadn't been for that assclamp, the thing would have gone off; but range safety is vital and there's a nonzero chance that pieces of a failed X-1 could hit something which is in the wrong place.

As it was, the weather decreased below minima, and they scrubbed the launch.

The big, huge, wonderful plus of watching something like this on the NASA channel: no stupid newsreaders constantly flapping their gums even when nothing is happening. If there's nothing to say, no one says anything. No "blah blah blah historic first launch blah blah blah doctor missile-man, who is a scientist blah blah blah bad weather due to global warming blah blah blah blah blah BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU ASSHAT!!!!!!!!!!

The minus? The guy NASA has providing the launch commentary doesn't translate terms much, nor is there any explanation of what they're talking about. The guy kept talking about the "five-hole probe" or something, and the big weather problem was "the triboelectric rule". I know I misheard these things. Someday I may learn what they were actually saying.

Personally I think it's worth it. Main point is to see rocket go zoom anyway. (Or "boom"...but I doubt that'll happen. Even though Our Rockets Always Blow Up.)

* * *

San Francisco is predjudiced against citizens. If you're a citizen of the US--or even a legal immigrant--and you're caught driving without a license, your car's impounded.

But not if you're an illegal immigrant! No! If you're a criminal alien, why, you get a pass!
Some police officers we spoke with, however, said people without licenses are often lousy drivers - and that the change means more dangerous streets for everyone else.

"These are the same people who are sailing through stop signs and injuring people," said one traffic cop who asked not to be named for fear of retribution.
Of course they are! They're breaking a federal law just by being here; why the hell should they care about a state law or a local ordinance? Particularly when the local government is already helping them break the law?


The law as it stands represents "a hardship" to illegals? Good! They should be troubled by the law! They're here illegally! Someone who is here legally is not going to have any trouble with the law requiring a driver's license.

* * *

Mark Steyn is, as always, awesome. Today he's comparing Anita Dunn's admiration of Mao to a racist remark Rush Limbaugh never made but which got him "fired" from a consortium attempting to buy an NFL franchise.

Mao was a mass murderer, just like every other communist thug in history. Anyone who admires Mao is either a total moron or a psycho.

* * *

Eternity Road. This post can best be summed up with this quote: "HOW TO SOCIALIZE THE ECONOMY OF A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC".

* * *

Boortz discusses one step of the process, setting up an extra-Constitutional law allowing government just to take over whatever the hell it deems is in need of being taken over.

The Democrats are seizing as much power as they can while the seizing is good.

* * *

Also from Boortz, Nancy Pelosi says that "the public option" is now "the consumer option." That phrase must have focus-grouped better than "public option" or "single-payer".

WTF, that doesn't even mean anything, "the consumer option"--WTF is that?

Next up: redefining "up" and "down", and "black" and "white"....

* * *

The Obama economic miracle continues! The recession is over, everyone! Return to your tasks!!

...those of you who can't find a job because unemployment is still increasing? Uh...don't worry! You'll get free health hang in there!


* * *


epic fail pictures

...WTF is the baby going to do, balance on the very edge of the crib, grab a gun by the tip of the barrel, and get it down? I'd like to see the bedwetter who submitted this as a "fail" pick up one of those guns that way. No, really; I'll even let you use your whole hand instead of just a couple of fingers. I'll sit back here and watch you TRY to do it.

You'd have to have forearms like Popeye to manage picking up a good rifle that way. Guns are made of metal, and metal is heavy. Why do you think Glock makes plastic pistols? They weigh less!

Then the asshats assume that these weapons are sitting on the rack, loaded--okay, I know, "always assume the gun is loaded", but come on: even being in the same room as the crib, in order to injure the baby the gun would have to somehow magically fall on the baby, because otherwise it's an inanimate object which is not going to load, aim, and fire itself.

Irrespective of that nonsense, though: my Dad could have put his guns in my room like that and I wouldn't have dared to lay so much as a single finger on them. There is something to be said of the deterrent power of corporal punishment: "If I catch you fooling around with any of my guns, a spanking will seem like a walk in the park!" Dad never actually had to say that; he was very good at implication. I knew what would happen to me if he caught me messing with his hunting gear. O Lord, I knew...and it scared the fertilizer out of me.

Being a responsible gun owner, however, Dad always kept his guns in locked cases with the ammunition stored in a different locked case. Dad was a hunter, not a "home defense" type; he knew where the stuff was and what went to what, so if he needed a rifle in a hurry--say, in the event of an alien invasion?--he could get it out and load it quickly enough. The guns were out of sight and locked, and only he knew where the keys were; that and his effective implications promoted a very safe environment.

Should that guy store guns in a nursery? Probably not, though it depends on the age of the kid--I would not--but unless that kid is old enough to be walking and climbing with facility--unless he's coordinated enough to balance on the footboard of that crib--there's no way in hell he can do anything other than look at the guns; and just looking at them won't hurt him.

So I count this as "bedwetting".

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