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#179: Not illegal enough?

Judge blocks town's ban on immigrants*


In his ruling the judge says, "Defendant offers only vague generalizations about the crime allegedly caused by illegal immigrants...."

This is a federal judge. Apparently this judge has forgotten that illegal entry to the US is, itself, a crime--a federal crime.

Judge James Munley also said that [ILLEGAL!] immigrants risked "irreparable injury" by being evicted from their apartments if the law is enforced.

You know, I don't have any sympathy for illegal immigrants. None. "Zip. Zero. Nada." The "irreparable injury" faced by illegal immigrants in Hazleton, PA, is the risk of being shipped back to Mexico.

There are plenty of people on the Left who make a habit of deflecting discussion of the issue by pointing at the enscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor...." and treating it as if it were part of the Constitution. And they disingenuously paint people who merely wish to see the law enforced as "racist" and "anti-immigrant".

I don't care who wants to live in the United States. It's a pretty good place to live and it makes perfect sense that folks would want to live here. But if you want to live here you have to start by obeying our laws and going through the proper channels to come here legally.

I am not "anti-immigrant". I am anti-illegal-immigrant. I accept all legal immigrants with open arms; I don't care who they are or where they come from or why they're here. But for those who break the law to come here I have no sympathy or mercy. All who are in this country illegally should be rounded up and deported.

Those who are in this country illegally and have forged documents such as social security cards, drivers licenses, and the like, should first spend ten years at hard labor in an unpleasant climate before being deported.

The central fact of the issue is that these people have started out by breaking the implied contract between citizen and government. Ignorance is no excuse. Besides, they know they are breaking the law by coming here. (If they thought it was legal, why sneak across the border?)

For reasons which mystify me, the US government is utterly uninterested in border security. We have identified major problems with a porous southern border, yet it persists five years after the single worst terror attack in world history occurred within the borders of the United States. There are credible news reports of a plethora of terrorists coming through that border--some with radiological or nuclear materials--yet the US government is unwilling to close that border.

There are credible reports of Mexican Army incursions into US territory, in which gunfire has been exchanged with US government agents--yet nothing is done.

Illegal immigrants tax our public aid system and contribute nothing to funding it. They send much of their earnings to their families outside of the US. They break laws to come here, and break laws to work here. Their employers break the law by hiring them, and by paying them without paying taxes, and by paying them less than minimum wage. They depress wages for lawful immigrants and native citizens alike. They don't learn English and force us to accommodate them; and when someone actually tries to do something about the problem, there are all manner of special-interest groups who sue to prevent actual solutions.

But I have faith in human nature. Americans are nice people; we're tolerant and open-minded. We can put up with a lot of bullshit...but our patience is not infinite. Sooner or later the American people will say, ENOUGH!...and on that day, the politicians who cling to the do-nothing policies which have led us to this point will find themselves scrambling to update their resumes.

Sudden unemployment is a bitch.

*--by the way, take note of this headline. The headline does not say "illegal immigrants"; it says only "immigrants". CNN here shows the same kind of bias which infects other news sources. The town's ordinance is meant to make the risks of employing ILLEGAL immigrands more costly, yet the article treats it as if the ordinance is meant to make life difficult for ALL immigrants.

And people on the Left wonder why most major news outlets are seen as having a liberal bias.

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