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#1794: A totally mixed bag

It's a cornucopia of cynicism and derision! Just for YOU!

...I'm in a weird mood. After one of my legendary farm breakfasts this morning I ended up taking Mom to run errands and then slept from 2 PM until after midnight. I woke up feeling generally good--though desperately in need of a shower--and once the bathing was dealt with I ate chicken taquitos for "breakfast".

The Legendary Farm Breakfast starts with two potatos, grated. You wash the grated potatos with cold water until the water is clear, indicating that you've washed out the excess starch. Then you put them in more cold water with about a tablespoon of salt, to soak.

Start two strips of bacon in a cold frying pan over a burner set on "medium". After the bacon begins to sizzle, drain the potatos and add fresh water with no salt. When the bacon is about a third-done, drain the potatos and squeeze out excess water. Move the bagon to one side of the pan and put the potatos in, forming an even layer.

Scramble 2-4 eggs in a bowl with about a tablespoon or two of milk; add salt and pepper to taste.

When the bacon is done, add eggs to the pan, careful not to let them mix with the hash browns (unless you like that sort of thing; I don't). If everything has gone correctly you'll want to flip the potatos and the eggs at about the same time.

Depending on how well-vulcanized you like your scrambled eggs, the eggs will come out of the pan first; you'll want to give the potatos a few more minutes. Then enjoy your delicious and quite bad for you breakfast: you will find that the potatos absorbed every last bit of bacon grease. That's what makes them taste so good.

Do not eat this more than once every other week. Your cholesterol will be through the roof.

* * *

Falcon 9 scheduled for test launch in February. Groundhog Day, to be exact.

It's SpaceX's heavy-lift booster, and it's a rocket they hope to man-rate.

I note here that NASA flies manned rockets without them being man-rated--yes, I'm looking at you, space shuttle--and naturally because they're a government agency they're not subject to the same rules that private entities are. That's how it is.

* * *

More indications of coming market collapse. I'm telling you, it's not just me that's saying it.

* * *

PDB doesn't think it would be bad at all if the government just defaulted on its debt. He makes a good case here, I have to admit.

"Not bad" meaning that the long-term effects, and the damage to the ordinary person, would be significantly less than that coming from hyperinflation and/or confiscatory tax increases, which are our government's only other options.

...PDB points out that we could, theoretically, cut taxes to the bone, de-regulate just about everything, and let the economy grow the debt out of existence. This is theoretically possible...the same way we could theoretically build a time machine if we only had an infintely long rotating cylinder of neutronium which was spinning at the speed of light. (No problem, right?)

Democrats sure as hell aren't going to cut the federal budget and taxes--it's anathema to everything they are, believe, and stand for--and to be sure, the Republican leadership certainly isn't interested in changing the status quo.

The one positive solution to the debt problem is impossible to implement, because even if the Republican party had control of Congress and the White House they still wouldn't have the guts to cut everything: they'd quail at what the press would say and kowtow to the liberal Republicans, who might as well give it up and just go be Democrats, for Christ's sake.

* * *, the latest addition to the blogroll, on just such a phemomenon: Dede Scozzafava, leftist, RINO, is supporting the Democrat in the race she just quit.

* * *

A woman is suing because she was on TV with her pants down. The woman in question was on one of those police reality shows where they show real people getting arrested by real cops for real crimes. (Like Cops, but different.) (You now have "Bad Boys" going through your head.)

The woman in question was arrested on an outstanding warrant--you know, what the hell makes all these warrants "outstanding"? It seems to me as if there are rather a lot of them, so doesn't that make them "ordinary"? I for one refuse to participate in the artificial inflation of superlatives!*

--and somehow her "Hello Kitty" pajamas got pulled down. The camera caught it, and she refused to sign a waiver.

The article doesn't say what the "ordinary" warrant was for, nor does it say how old the woman in question is. In fact, it doesn't give any details at all whatsoever. How the hell do your pants come down during an arrest? Was it because she resisted arrest? Was it because they were loose?

The woman's stated goal of keeping this issue out of the public eye has failed, because now I want to see the episode of the show in question to determine for myself WTF happened here.

*If you think I am serious about this, get a fricking clue already.

* * *

Only the right people are allowed to be offended. That's right! If you're a Christian you must accept any and all offense, even if it's intentional.

* * *

If I wasn't seriously into WoW, Torchlight would be for me. But all my RPG-ing right now is done in Azeroth. I'll have to keep this game in mind, though.

* * *

Michelle Malkin thinks that the Democrats and leftist mainstream media are expecting to lose today.

They're already saying the elections scheduled for today "don't mean anything".

Michelle then links to The Stupid Party, an essay on the Republican party. It is a must-read.

* * *

This link contains a video which is excessively not-safe-for-work but damn is it funny. It's from some anime involving tentacles; the tentacles belong to a monster which is shaped like a giant penis. It uses its tentacles to seize girls and strip them of their panties and gym shorts., I have no idea WTF series the clip is from. I don't watch tentacle stuff. I do know that the title of the post with the video is a play on Urotsukidoji, which was often given the subtitle "Demon Beast Invasion". (How that connects to the Nazi death-rape machine is mercifully unclear to me.)

* * *

The only problem I see with this Azumanga Daioh fanfic is that Osaka is too competent and not spacy enough.

Oh...problem #2, one of the six calling her "Ayumu"....

But it's a rarity, a fanfic which is both good and not about sex.

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