atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1795: Escort project stuff

Despite exhaustion and laziness I did manage to get a couple minor tasks accomplished: I bought a new radiator and axle nut socket; and I took a hard look at the axle.

I knew the radiator had a leak. I'd thought it was a small one, on the engine side. But when I removed the radiator Sunday afternoon I saw the long trail of powdery yellow crud on the grille side, and realized that no, this radiator is pretty well shot.

$85 at Advance Auto. *sigh* With the axle nut socket the total was $110. $85 isn't bad for a new radiator, though.

On the plus side, it looks as if I can just reassemble the axle: the boot remained firmly attached to this piece which slides over, and snaps onto, the tripot which forms the shell of the inner CV joint. (Yes, I meant "tripot"; that's what the part is called. It's a Y-shaped cup, a tri pot.) It looks as if all I really have to do is add some grease and slide this bit over the tripot, and it'll be good to go. If I can do this, it'll save me $60 for a new axle.

I don't know when I'll get around to reinstalling the engine, though. Soon, soon....

So I was thinking about how much of a royal pain it's going to be to get the bottom motor mounts to line up, and I realized I could simply remove the crossmember. It's held on with four bolts; remove those and it's out. Then install the engine; when the upper engine mounts are bolted down, raise the crossmember into position and bolt it in. The lower mounts will be relatively easy to position as the crossmember is raised into position; and the upper mounts will provide a safety backup for the engine crane. Then just put in four bolts to secure the crossmember, and four nuts to secure the lower mounts: done.

All told, though, this little project is showing me just how much I need a good compressor which can run an impact gun. That would make a lot of things I'm trying to do easier, such as removing the axle nut.

To remove the axle nut, I'm going to have to put on the temp spare and take the car off the jack stands. Mom will have to sit in the driver's seat and hold the brakes on while I break the axle nut free; it's torqued down to some ungodly value. Then I'll have to put the car back up on jack stands to remove the wheel and get the axle out.

An impact wrench would make just about all of that totally unnecessary; I'd still have to have Mom get in the car and step on the brake but that's it. Unfortunately, my compressor can't supply enough air to an impact wrench to develop enough torque. *sigh*

Oh well. It's only a little more work, I guess.

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