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#1797: Change to abortion law in Illinois

It's not actually a change to the law itself; it's a decision by the appropriate governing body to allow an existing law to go into effect. (No, I don't understand WTF that means either, but that's what they said on the radio just now.)

The point is, when an underage girl goes to a doctor for an abortion, the doctor must notify the girl's parents and wait 48 hours before the abortion can be performed. The abortion can proceed without parental permission but there is still a 2-day waiting period and parental notification.

WTF: if I go buy a rifle, I have to wait a day before I can take delivery of it. (And if I buy a pistol I have to wait, what, five days? I can't remember.) There's nothing wrong with a waiting period; it's not like an abortion is an emergency procedure, after all.

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Limbaugh: "I can't find out how many votes Obama created or saved...." LOL

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Professor fired for "offending" someone. He wasn't told who he offended, nor how, but he was given the boot. He got reinstated but the university still refuses to say what, exactly, he said that led to his truncated firing.

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John Stossel on media bias.

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The weather today is less sunny today than it was yesterday but the temperatures are about the same. The expected rain and misery did not materialize; so theoretically--theoretically--I could go out into the driveway and finish installing the engine. However, I will not.

Everything hurts.

I expended a lot of energy yesterday. I don't know how many times I shuffled under, and out from under, that car while trying to get the rear lower motor mount in--but each time I did it, I lay flat on the ground and shuffled into (and out of) position, like a Marine going under concertina wire.

My shoulders are tired. My arms are tired. My hands--I didn't even have the strength to pull the top off a box of macaroni and cheese this morning. I was barely even joking when I said I felt "well-tenderized".

I am, however, going to go get all the fluids I need today, so that tomorrow or Friday I can hook it up, fill it up, and fire it up.

* * *



I wasn't impressed.

First off: the commercials they've been running for the past several weeks were all the high points of the first episode.

Second: I didn't learn the characters' names--except for Anna, the alien bitch played by Morena Baccarin--and I didn't really give a rat's ass about any of them.

Third: that the guy played by Alan Tudyk was actually a Visitor? I called that as soon as we were told that the "V's" had been on Earth for years.

Fourth: the Visitors said they need water. (Oh, Lord.) The writers attempted to lampshade this by having them say they needed water up front, rather than make it part of their secret goals but-- Well, a better attempt at lampshading this would have involved someone saying, "Why do they need to come here for water?" (And the same question, in fact, applies to the "specific mineral" we were told they need.) A Visitor could answer that question with some BS and at least the forms would be satisfied, even if the science was BS.

Fifth: they're lizards under their human-looking skins. *sigh*

Abandoning ordinals:

I think I see where this is going, and I don't like it. The Visitors can have one (or several) motivations for engaging in a super-sneaky long-term invasion for which their ostentatious arrival at Earth is merely the last step, but I don't think any of them make sense.

Okay: humans being used for food, I get that, but (at least in the original) Visitors preferred their food still alive. I don't care how far you can stretch your jaw; a human-sized creature cannot eat a live person. (Maybe a live baby? A neonate, perhaps, but not one older than that.)

Taking all Earth's water and resources for their own use: it's silly to go to all that trouble to seize resources they can get very easily anywhere in space without having to engage in a long, drawn-out program of subterfuge and skullduggery. "Food"? If they can build mile-wide interstellar spacecraft by the dozen, food production will not be a problem for them.

Humans being enslaved by Visitors: this is more plausible than either of the others, but remember that slavery only exists when it is economically necessary. How could a starfaring civilization need slaves? (Citizen of the Galaxy? Maybe.)

The only plausible reason I can think of comes from their constant profession of peace: "We are at peace!"

...they ruined their homeworld with one mofo of a war, and the surviving victors are looking for some prime real estate to occupy--and Earth meets their needs.

At least, I hope that's it. Please God please please please don't let it be Yet Another Ecology Polemic: "The Visitors destroyed the ecology of their homeworld and now...!"

After the show was over, I realized that I felt exactly the same way I'd felt upon seeing the first episode of the original miniseries. Bear in mind, this was in 1983 when the only science fiction on TV was reruns of Star Trek; the original V was not very good, and the remake really has the same feel of mediocre science fictiony TV.

There were cool things about it; but mostly, I'm just "meh" about it.

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