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#1800: Fort Hood

Well, it's the next day, and we're still learning WTF went on at Fort Hood; what we do know is that there are 13 corpses, and those people are dead because of the actions of a muslim.

WorldNet Daily.

Michelle Malkin.

Ms. Malkin's post finishes:
Business as usual: The whitewashing of jihad by the MSM. See here and here.

I’ve said it many times over the years and it bears repeating again as cable TV talking heads ask in bewilderment how all the red flags Hasan raised could have been ignored: Political correctness is the handmaiden of terror.
She also links to a YouTube video showing Obama's statement on the thing, and I have to agree it's a little...weird.

I think I'll comment more later, when we know more. The information coming out right now is barely even coherent.

The FBI says it's "not terrorism". But from what I've seen so far, it may not be the action of an organized terror cell, but it certainly looks like a terror attack from here.

* * *

Japan's economy is apparently in serious trouble. Look: the way the global economy is right now, any failure of any major economy will bring the whole works down. (In fact that's probably true regardless of how the global economy is doing.) Need I mention that Japan has the second-largest economy in the world?

Or is it? Did China pass Japan yet? I can't remember. Still, second or third, it's not chicken feed, and if Japan tanks, we're all going to be eating steamed cardboard and shoe stew. ("We", of course, meaning those of us unlucky enough not to be politicians and media elites and other bigwings.)

* * *

Rush Limbaugh frequently makes the point that socialized medicine is a way for government to seize control over every aspect of our lives. There is hardly any decision a competent adult can make which does not have some effect on his health; and if government is paying for health care, then it can tell you what you have to do to be eligible for it. Not following the government guidelines? Your coverage may be more expensive, or denied to you.

Here is a perfect example: making vending machines list the nutritional content of the food they dispense. It's not enough that the food has to have a label stating its nutritional content (because, don't you know, most people aren't smart enough to realize that a Snickers bar is mostly fat and sugar, and relatively low in nutrients) any longer; now the information has to be visible from outside the machine so that someone who is buying a snack can make an informed dietary decision! "Well, I think I'll buy a bag of cookies HOLY SHIT! THIS STUFF IS BAD FOR YOU! IT'S LOADED WITH FAT AND SUGAR! I THOUGHT IT WAS GOOD FOR YOU! I THOUGHT IT HAD VITAMIN C AND STUFF!"*

*Paraphrased from Denis Leary.

* * *

Obama stimulus "saved or created" 473 teaching jobs in North Chicago. That's great news, isn't it?

...except the school district only employs 290 teachers.

So, doing the math, that indicates that without Obama's stimulus, that school district would have had -183 teachers. People living there would have un-learned things!

In other news, the administration continues to stand by its numbers, in complete defiance of patriarchal and phallocentric facts.

* * *

A new type of supernova has been discovered.

The mechanism described in the article is highly similar to that of a nova: two stars co-orbiting close enough that one can siphon mass from the other; and when the mass reaches a critical point the whole works goes up. Once the excess fuel is depleted, things settle down again, at least for a while.

This new type of supernova works exactly the same way, only with helium instead of hydrogen.

...I don't get it. That's not much distinction and the only difference between this type of supernova and a plain old nova is the energy output? I have a feeling this article was written by a someone without much scientific training.

* * *

Well, it's Friday again. It's been an eventful week, hasn't it? Sunday I yanked the old motor; Tuesday I put the new one in; Thursday I connected it and started it.

After sleeping for about 7 hours I woke up realizing that the Escort ran on three cylinders from the get-go: it didn't start on four and then drop to three. That gives my "bad fuel injector" theory a shot in the arm and (hopefully) means it's not a compression issue.

We'll see...but not today. Everything hurts.

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