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#1801: Preserve the fragile lunar ecosystem!

*Sigh*. This was pretty much inevitable:
Furthermore, the appeal flagged the LCROSS mission as leading to "the exploitation of resources and the colonization of territory without regard for ecosystems or indigenous peoples, and clearly the moon is the next territory coveted by imperialists."
Jesus Christ.


The worst part of this? It's like some kind of hideous freeway wreck I saw coming years in advance and was utterly powerless to stop or avoid. I was writing a story about ecoterrorism on the moon back in 1994, for Christ's sake, and it was meant in part to be a logical extrapolation of the idiocy of ecological moonbattery. I knew this would happen, one way or another.

Why the hell can't I be wrong when it would be perfectly fine to be wrong?

"'There are real issues related to lunar preservation and silly issues. The concern about LCROSS is in the latter category,' countered Chris McKay, a space scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif." Hold on, wait, stop the tape! "There are real issues related to lunar preservation--" No! No, there aren't! We don't need to "preserve" the moon! We need to go up there and mine the shit out of that sucker, and move as much of our mining and smelting industry as we can up there. THAT is how you can save Earth's ecology without cluster-bombing our entire freaking civilization.

I can't believe I have to deal with this shit for real. Jesus Christ!!

* * *

Michelle Malkin's post on Fort Hood has been updated.

So it turns out that the shooter--Nidal Malik Hasan Saheeb Skyhook--is a recent convert to islam, and said "allahu akhbar!" before opening fire, and was a terrorist sympathizer. The mainstream media is whitewashing the islam angle of the story, carefully telling us as little as possible about the guy's religion.

The FBI was watching the guy; did they act? Oh no; don't want to be accused of racial profiling, now do we? The Army--WTF, this guy got poor performance reviews and he just got promoted to the rank of Major, even though the Army was aware of this guy's increasingly unhinged mental state.

PDB explains why Nidal Malik Hasan Saheeb Skyhook was able to shoot so many people on an army base: soldiers aren't allowed to carry loaded guns. Okay, what the fucking hell is that about? "Hi there, I'm a trained professional combat technician, but I'm not allowed to have bullets"? And furthermore, what the hell is the damn point of issuing weapons to soldiers if we're not going to trust them to know how to carry them safely?

* * *

Elizabeth Scalia discusses in detail an issue I touched on in Fungus #1783: Scrubbed.: that of how the media report things.

The endless blabbing of the media people is almost always done at the expense of letting the viewer see the event, and after a while the event coverage becomes the entire purpose of airing the event at all: not to let people far away see what's happening there, but to give the talking heads a chance to bloviate in front of cameras. The occasional glimpse of the actual event become a sideshow to the coverage of the event.

Which is, needless to say, utterly bass-ackwards.

Adding insult to injury, however: "I am struck by how utterly inarticulate the newsfolk are. One would assume that these people, who make their livings by using words, would have more of them at their disposal, besides, 'awesome,' and 'exciting,' and 'amazing.'" It's bad enough that these people think their coverage of the event is more important than the event itself; it's made worse by the fact that these people aren't even all that damn good at extemporaneous speaking.

It's like I said in the Fungus post: "blah blah blah historic first launch blah blah blah doctor missile-man, who is a scientist blah blah blah bad weather due to global warming blah blah blah blah blah BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU ASSHAT!!!!!!!!!!"

* * *

Otherwise, it's a pleasant Friday afternoon. After posting #1800 I returned to bed and slept for another six hours. (But it's not like I was tired or anything.)

I've barely even touched WoW this week, nor have I watched so much as a single frame of anime. I'm losin' my geek cred!

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