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#1808: Seriously: watch this video.

Make sure you have your speakers on. This is good.

I digitized the song after my second viewing of the video; I've listened to it about 15 times since last night.


It all ties into a concept I've been calling "the majesty of creation" and it revolves around how the universe could have been created by God and still look as if it just happened--an element of what I sometimes call "the doctrine of faith"--and the realization that none of the facts presented in that song are incompatible with creation. In fact, none of the extant science and knowledge we have right now is incompatible with Creationism. None of it.

Where these scientists see a grand dance of atoms, I see a precision machine built for an ineffable purpose by God. And their own evidence leads me to this conclusion.

* * *

Shifting the transmission on a semi tractor requires not just knowledge of how to operate a manual transmission; it includes two switches on the shift knob that you've got to master before you can drive the thing smoothly.

All this with an unsynchronized transmission. Yeah, double-clutching is your friend. It makes my brain hurt.

* * *

Well, today I ordered the new lifter for the Escort and did a whole schmeer of maintenance on the Jeep: oil change, grease job, rotate tires. I figure I saved myself at least $50 by doing it myself.

Regardless of whether or not the new lifter fixes the Escort, I am taking a break from automotive work for a while, dang it, once the Escort is back together. My arms hurt; I couldn't even hold the damn tires off the ground to put them on the Jeep--I had to sit on the ground and hold the tires up with my shins while I got them onto the lugs.

In the space of 10 days I have:

1) removed a drivetrain from a car
2) installed a drivetrain into a car
3) troubleshot the drivetrain's imperfect performance (twice)
4) done maintenance on my daily driver
5) raked leaves
6) cut grass
7) cleaned the garage
8) reassembled the Escort after finding the bad lifter (pending)

...all of it physical, with at most a day or two between for recuperation. Damn it, it's no wonder everything hurts. On the plus side, it's going to do wonders for my muscle tone.

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