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#1816: Here's a hint: cops are "bad" when you try to hit them.

That's right, it has nothing to do with your behavior; the cops are just racists.

Another take on the story. (Actually both of these are AP feeds, but I'm not going to do a word compare to see if there's a difference. The second link has less flash-and-ad BS going on, so it won't spontaneously reload while you're in the middle of a paragraph.)

Short form: woman cuts in line, other customer objects, quarrel ensues, security gets involved, woman lashes out at and hits security and police. Woman gets arrested, later whines that it's the cops' fault because they're racists.

Oh yeah.

You can expect that this woman's trial will feature footage from the store's security cameras, which will settle the matter.

* * *

More on the brownfield left in the wake of Kelo vs New London.

* * *

Boortz today makes an excellent point: "Let's Correct This 'Equal Rights' Nonsense."
Look ... I've been through this before. I've challenged my listeners to come up with one single legal right that I have as a straight man that a gay man wouldn't have. Now before you get all hot and bothered with the email ... let's test my theory a bit:

You can marry the person you love. A gay man can't.

Yeah? I can marry the person I love IF she happens to be a woman. I cannot marry the person I love IF he happens to be a man. The gay man enjoys exactly the same right.
Of course, that's not true at all! That is homophobia!!!

* * *

In a more sensible world this woman would go to the gallows for treason. Lynne Stewart was disbarred for providing aid and comfort to terrorists, and has finally (at least) been sent to jail for her crimes.

* * *

In the same vein the Curmudgeon Emeritus makes the point that we really ought to be summarily executing the terrorists we've captured:
The proper treatment of the terrorist-combatant is the one applied to spies and saboteurs during wartime throughout the ages: summary execution. The Geneva Conventions, which were written largely to protect the uninvolved from the ravages of war, recognize and ratify this. In this connection, the nature of asymmetric warfare, in which the non-state actors cannot be signatories to the Geneva Conventions, looms high with irony.
Terrorists aren't protected by the Geneva convention; and even if they were, the Geneva Convention specifically allows the summary execution of spies, saboteurs, and non-uniformed combatants.

That famous photo of some guy getting his brains blown out by a South Vietnamese officer? The guy was a spy, and the officer that shot him was adhering to the very letter of the Geneva Convention. Yes it was brutal, and yes it was ugly...but that's what war is, like it or not.

How much trouble do you think we would have with terrorism in the world today if terrorists were shot after capture? If you stopped a terror attack and killed the terrorists on the spot?

* * *

The Fed is keeping an eye on the dollar's value, but keeping interest rates on the floor.

...the dollar has lost 15% of its value since March. "Other factors restraining inflation are winning the day"? What factors? The US is printing money! Just because employment is in the toilet doesn't mean inflation can't take place.

"The dollar...fell back later in the day, hitting a 15-month low against a basket of six major currencies. Gold prices hit record highs and oil prices settled up more than 3.0 percent as the dollar weakened." That is inflation in action.

* * *

"A nation in fear of being seen as anti-Muslim," goes the headline of this piece. And we are, and we shouldn't be, because if something is not done about islamic terrorism it's not just the United States which will suffer.

* * *

Thanks to the comic strip Foxtrot I learned about the console command "/played" in WoW, and I learned that my highest-level character--Amaleni the Warlock--has been played for about 16.5 days. It works out to a lifetime average of 4.55 levels per day.

Chenal has been played for about 19 hours, and is 20th level, so it works out to around 1.1 levels per hour.

Eventually I am going to become curious enough to do a search for WoW commands. I know Blizzard has documented all the scripting commands and such and that people use these commands to write macros. I want to tiptoe through those documents and see what niftiness I can discover.

It'd be neat to click on a monster and have the character automatically attack it until it dies: "attack, spell 1, spell 2, spell 3, spell 4; alive? Yes? Spell 1, spell 2, spell 3, spell 4; alive? No." This would help me because sometimes I get fuddled up and hit the wrong key; and of course I would have a check of my own health so that my character could fire off a healing device as needed.

* * *

Today was shopping day; we went and got bird seed and groceries; and Menard's had a sale on the 50 lb bags of sunflower seed we always get: they're usually $20--sometimes they're more--and today they were $13, so we got two. That will probably hold us until January.

Well, it's dinner time; and at 7 V will come on. Last week's ep was better than the pilot ep was, so I'll watch again this week; and I'll keep watching until and unless I see something that makes me decide it's not worth the effort. (If the writing begins to blow chunks as bad as it did in the pilot, for example.)

Thanksgiving is in 9 days. Lord, where has the year gone?

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