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#1817: "Several million degrees"?

Al Gore apparently believes that the interior of the earth has a temperature in the millions of degrees. on the story.

"Several million degrees"--when you get into the "millions" it stops mattering what kind of degrees you're talking about--°F, °C, or °K--because "millions" of degrees is fricking hot.

Okay? The core of the sun runs in the "millions of degrees" range; the core of the Earth certainly is not.

Why does anyone even listen to Al Gore? Oh, right...that little (D) after his name.

* * *

Big surprise: Democrat thinks that groups who disagree with her should not be allowed to speak.

* * *

China is not agog over Michelle Obama! The horror!! You know, anyone with a brain is not agog over Michelle Obama.

The lapdog press love her to pieces solely because she's married to their guy; if Michelle Obama had been--I don't know--George Bush's Secretary of State, these libs would dismiss her without a second thought.

* * *

China is apparently worried about ObamaCare. Let's think about this: a communist country is worried about socialism in the United States. WTF!

China holds a hell of a lot of the US public debt--trillions worth--and is worried about what will happen to the value of that paper with the US spending money like a drunken sailor. I don't blame China one bit; anyone involved should be worried.

You hold paper because you expect it to increase in value; if the US continues to pursue inflationary measures that paper can only decrease in value: sure, at maturity it's worth more dollars than you paid for it, but the dollars are worth less. (If not "worthless".) The government seizing control of 1/6th of the US economy will devalue the dollar, without question, because the US will have to print money to pay for it.

Obama and the Democrats won't and don't give a rat's ass about anything so long as they get their hands on that 1/6th of the US economy. So what if China's mad at us? Who cares if the value of the dollar hits the toilet? Democrats will be in charge!

Footnote: AP should retake its economics classes. The national debt isn't a simple accumulation of annual deficits.

* * *

Meanwhile Obama talks up political dissent in China while doing his best to quash it at home.

* * *

Obama came into office expecting that he was the shiznit, that he could talk anyone around to his way of seeing things. He's discovering that this is not so--or, rather, the press is finally figuring that out; Obama himself still thinks he's "all that".

But all the people of the world who were supposed to swoon and fall to the floor weeping with dismay at their wayward natures, who were supposed to see the light and start cooperating and helping build a world of light and peace and love--those people are doing none of that; they are obstinately refusing to fall under the spell of "The One" and instead are selfishly continuing to pursue their own interests, almost as if Obama wasn't some miracle man but an ordinary Democrat politician, possibly with delusions of grandeur.

Those of us standing on the sidelines and saying, "Uh...we tried to tell you...." are dismissed as "racists".

* * *

I'm guessing it's because finding the original owner of the gun would be "really hard". An ex-soldier finds that some criminal has disposed of a gun in his garden, so he turns it in to the police.

He is arrested, charged, and convicted, and now faces five years in jail.

He took the gun to the police; but from here it looks like even if he had just called them he still would have been arrested, because it was on his property.

* * *

"...[T]he armband would have violated the school's dress code". An armband?La

A girl wanted to take part in a nationwide abortion protest. "She planned to remain silent, except when called on in class. She also wanted to wear an armband with the word "life" on it and distribute anti-abortion pamphlets."

She wasn't allowed to do so because of the "dress code" and because the distribution of pamphlets is prohibited. The pamphlets, I can see; but the rest of it?

* * *

Anthony Michael Hall, WTF are we to do with you? When I read the headline, I thought, "I bet it's Anthony Michael Hall." And sure enough....

* * *

Last night I got a hankering to listen to what Hilary Stagg CDs I have. It's harp music, and it's good stuff.

It had been quite a while since I listened to them (except for Winter Magic, his Christmas CD, which is one of my favorites). And I realized that it's been a very long time since I listened to them--since I was living in Iowa, in fact. I don't think I've listened to any of his CDs since the turn of the century, that's how long.

I listened to them in order, on speaker, despite the fact that it was the wee hours of the morning. (Fortunately, that doesn't bother Mom. For one thing, I don't blast music; and this stuff isn't exactly death metal, anyway.) I've never listened to these CDs on a system with the bass response that my current system has; the subwoofer really brings up the bass strings.

It was powerfully relaxing. I'd forgotten that; this stuff really slows you down and lets you go limp. In the early 1990s when I was in school and stuff I listened mostly to relaxing music; these days I tend more towards electronica and anime music, which tends to be snappy and toe-tapping music rather than relaxing.

I need to listen to more of this "go slow" stuff, just enough to balance the other stuff. I think that's a good idea.

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