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#1821: Mark Steyn is brilliant.

As always. The lede for this piece, titled "Superbower" and referring to our Bower-in-Chief, is "Whenever Obama’s not talking about himself, it’s like he’s wandered off-message."

Speaking of wandering off-message, in the piece he says:
Some years ago, when Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian and ensuing episodes of her sitcom grew somewhat overly preoccupied with the subject, Elton John remarked: "Okay, we know you’re gay. Now try being funny."
Only problem, Sir John, is that Ellen Degeneres was never funny to begin with. When The Ellen Degeneres Show turned into The Ellen Degeneres is a Lesbian! Show it merely exemplified the fact that the woman's best stand-up comedy merited a "heh" at its level best. Her performance was good but the jokes weren't really laugh-out-loud funny. Sir John's wry comment seems spot-on.

(I mean I'm wandering off-message.)

* * *

How long will this remain up at GraphJam?

funny graphs and charts

"Kiddie cartoonism" could also be labled "childish optimsim", but WTF.

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