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#1822: Uh, the CHURCH is?

"'If they believe they're a true Catholic, who's to say that they're not?'" asked Angel Madera when asked about Rhode Island's bishop's asking Rep. Patrick Kennedy not to take Communion due to his stance on abortion.

The Church gets to make that determination, not the individual layman. Or let's put it another way, one which Mr. Madera might understand.

I've decided that I'm a Marine, like Mr. Madera. Furthermore I'm not just a lowly corporal or sergeant; I'm a freaking gunnery sergeant! And I'm a decorated gunnery sergeant, too! I feel that I am a decorated gunnery sergeant, with lots of shiny medals; so who's to say I'm not?

...only the entire firkin' Marine Corps, of course...which is my point.

Catholic communion is relatively complicated: you must be in a state of grace and a member of the Catholic church in order to partake of communion during Mass. That's just how it is.

The Rhode Island bishop isn't saying that Patrick Kennedy isn't Catholic; what the bishop is saying is that Mr. Kennedy is not in a state of grace due to his support for abortion-on-demand. (The theology would seem to say that enabling a sin is the same as the sin; this is not entirely out of bounds for Catholicism. Reference George Carlin's line, "That's six sins for one feel, man!")

Kennedy isn't eligible for Communion because he's sinned; and worse, he's done so unapologetically.

I really hope Mr. Madera isn't an officer.

* * *

ObamaCare will leave 12 million "or more!" uninsured!


Wait, I thought the whole point of this nonsense was to make sure everyone had health insurance? Did I misunderstand?

Of course not: I know what ObamaCare is about, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with improving the quality of medical care in the United States.

* * *

In WoW I ended up getting run through Deadmines, the Stormwind Stockade, and Gnomeregan in pretty short order by a fellow guildie. He's level 74 and did all the killing; I just ran behind and looted. Dang, do my wrists hurt.

But Chenal hit 31st level. And she was 28th when I started playing....

This after I hit the "Pilgrim's Bounty" quests as hard as I could. I ended up power-leveling my cooking skill to 320, and garnering 4 of the 8 achievements for this event.

Chenal's reputation with Stormwind is now over 12,000 in "revered"; another 9,000 points and she'll hit "exalted", and then she can get a horsie!

* * * I'm going to unwind and hit the hay. I'm tired.

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