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#1823: Obama's voting "present"

Afghanistan is turning into a mess and it's because Obama's plan is to vote "present" rather than make a decision.

After all, a decision may come back to haunt him. Voting "present" will get a lot of military personnel killed, but hey, those guys don't usually vote Democrat anyway, and it's not like Barry has friends in the military or anything, right?

* * *

From the same source: "Climate Crack".

Over on Ars Technica of course they posted a piece talking about how the leaked e-mails are just showing that scientsts are like the rest of us, and saying that the terms used in the e-mails are "shorthand", and that these e-mails are like a Rorschach test: the reader's reaction to them depends on his stance on global warming. But this is No Big Deal.

...except that it is a big deal: it gives an example of warmistas attempting to cook the books in depth and step-by-step, and no amount of uncritical warmista boosterism can change that.

* * *

This is what a union is always about. The UAW, for example, couldn't possibly care less about the quality of American cars as long as they get their concessions and union dues. What makes anyone think that educating children is the first priority of the National Educations Association?

Of course the teachers' union cares more about political power than it does about educating children.

We have to decide what we care more about: a jobs program for teachers, or well-educated children? The NEA has said what it wants. What do you want?

* * *

Perspective is always important.

* * *

Mom says that whenever she reads my blog, she feels as if she is "snooping".

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