atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1826: Black Friday: I knew it!

I was right!

The local news (which is the only news I watched) spent about two minutes on the holiday sales, and of those two minutes 1:45 was spent talking about how much shopping is going on out there, how crowds are bigger than last year, and how people are still packing the stores...and 0:15 was "disclaimer" text about the tight economy, retailiers hoping to break even, blah blah blah, etcetera.

* * *

I seem to have picked up a virus. Not me; my computer. And it's something my antivirus software doesn't seem to see, which means I get to spend the next hour or so trying to figure out what the computer has and how to fix it.

It pops up two invisible copies of Internet Explorer, hidden--but not to Task Manager!--and makes some web sites grind for eternity rather than load properly.

I know where it came from, too: MangaFox. I found the latest issues of Kodomo no Jikan there and was perusing them, and that's when the weird behavior started. Argh etc. So:


...or use a machine you don't care about for browsing that shit.

As for me, first step is going to be upgrading to Firefox 3.

* * *

We did not, in fact, go to my brother's mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving dinner. When I got up yesterday at 10:30am, the first thing Mom said to me was, "Is it too late to call this off?"

I had awakened not feeling up to the whole thing--oh, I could have gone, and it would have been fine, but Mom's desire to stay home was not an unwelcome thing to me.

So we stayed home; we had chicken thighs and mashed potatos and vegetables of our choice (Mom had frozen mixed; I just had a salad) and then PIE! it wasn't bad at all, really. Not optimal, but pretty decent overall.

* * *

Anyway, I've got to start my bug hunt. Later.

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