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#1829: Global warming/climate change/WTF.

Global warming will kill "billions" of people. Is this the same "global warming" found by the CRU people who are cooking the books?

Mark Alger writes at Eternity Road about global warming, and he makes an excellent point: the faulty surface stations (the ones sited poorly) have resulted in a 0.6° warming figure for the last century, and that about 80% of that figure may be due to data manipulation. This being the case--if the warming figure is in fact 0.1° rather than 0.6°, when the margin of error of each station can be up to 2°--how the hell do we know what the global climate is doing?

"Professor Kevin Anderson, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, believes only around 10 per cent of the planet's population – around half a billion people – will survive if global temperatures rise by 4C." In the absolute worst-case scenario global temperatures may rise as much as 6° by 2100; it's not like we're going to get up tomorrow and have the world be 6° warmer. It will take time, and anyone living near the coastline will have plenty of time to move to higher ground. Warmer weather will lead to more food production, making it easier--rather than harder--to support the world's population.

But it's not the way to bet. Forget "Climategate"; Mann's "hockey stick" was a demonstration of how the data has to be mangled in order to get runaway global warming from the climate data we now have. The 6° figure is "worst case" and even if global warming were happening we'd probably see not more than 2° by 2100.

But it's not. The global climate has not followed so much as one prediction of any of the warmistas or their climate models. The warming curve of the 1990s stopped in 1998, even as carbon dioxide emissions continued to rise. We're in a cooling trend now; the GISS data--which showed the 0.6° increase--has shown a 0.775° decline since January of 2008. None of the models work.

* * *

The Anchoress: "It becomes increasingly clear the Democrats have become the party that does not give a crap about what mainstream America thinks or wants."

This has been true for a very long time; any time the Democrats try to do something big it is a scheme to increase their power and security of station. They say that they are doing things to help the poor, the downtrodden, the unfortunate; but in fact everything is to cement their own control of the government.

* * *

Apparently in the NY-23 election there are more votes than voters.

* * *

It's a van, not a clown car.

Thirteen people jammed into a van that is meant for not more than 10--and only two of them wearing seat belts. Oh, Lord. the van blows a tire and the driver loses control of it. Probably the driver stood on the brakes when the tire went; he can probably be forgiven for panicking, and the first instinct is always to slow down when something happens, but hitting the brakes hard is the last thing you want to do when you lose a tire.


* * *

Retail sales went up a whopping 0.5%, but they don't say 0.5% up from what. I assume last year's totals.

If McCain won the election: "0.5% is NOTHING, it's barely a blip, the economy is screwed."

Because Obama won the election: "0.5% is MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED and it paints a much rosier picture for retailers this holiday season and it's a sign the economy is recovering blah blah blah blah look how brown my nose is."

* * *

So as if I needed any more proof that the world is out to get me, this weekend I got ahold of a flyer for "Crete Country Christmas". It's an annual event here, where there's a parade and other activities.

I went to the parade in 2004. My parents were in Maine, trying to get my sister de-drunk-ified enough that her liver would stop failing, and I was alone on a Friday night; so having learned that the parade would take place, I hiked up to Main Street to watch it, and had a great time. I vowed to return to subsequent parades.

2005: it was on a Friday and I had to work. It's okay, I'll see it next year.
2006: it was on a Friday and I had to work. Okay, next year for sure.
2007: it was on a Friday and I had to work. (I was free on Saturday.) This is annoying.
2008: it was on a Friday and I had to work. (I was free on Saturday.) Argh etc.

July 31, 2009, I got fired. And so?

2009: the parade is being held on Saturday.

They are out to get me, I'm telling you.

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